3 easy methods on How to copy and paste on Chromebook ?

Today the workload on each one of us in the professional and educational field has drastically increased, which means we need to look for time-saving methods which could cut short our workload and expand the amount of work that we deliver in a specified amount of time. We all know that most of the work has now shifted to online mediums and people use tons of shortcuts to lessen their work in a specific time by copying the document that has to be typed.

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One of the vastly used methods to create a duplicate or copy of the text and other content which is already published somewhere on a website is the copy-paste method. There are several people out there who are new to their online work and do not know how to copy and paste on Chromebook, and thus, end up dedicating all their hard work and time to typing the content that can merely be copied and pasted. The copy-paste method is nothing but a simple yet very useful method that creates a carbon copy of the already published content on a destination of your choice. 

how to copy and paste in chromebook

For example, if you wish to copy an article from a website to make a new article by joining bits of others, you can simply copy and paste those desired bits from several websites and finally combine all of them, instead of sitting in front of your device and typing for hours. There are several methods for ‘how to copy and paste on Chromebook’, but the very basic one uses merely a few keys on your keyboard to give you the duplicate of the desired work.

1. One of the easiest ways which answer your ‘how to copy and paste on Chromebook’ question is the selection of the keys ‘Ctrl + C’ on your keyboard after you have selected the content on the already published or available article that you wish to copy by dragging the cursor from the starting of the line to the end and then press the ‘Ctrl + V’ keys after reaching to the document or the destination on your device where the material has to be copied.

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2. Moving on to the next method, if your keyboard keys are not functioning properly or you do not wish to use them you may also use this method to know ‘how to copy and paste on Chromebook which is explained below:

  • Place your mouse cursor exactly just before the word from where you wish to start ‘copying’ and drag it to the very end alphabet of your text that is to be copied. The intended content or piece of the article is not highlighted, most probably in the blue color. 

  • Make sure that the text that is highlighted is the same that you wish to copy and then right-click on it. 

  • A small list of options appears, from which you need to click on the ‘copy’ alternative.

  • Then open the file or document where you desire to copy the highlighted content and right-click there. Click on the option that says ‘paste’ and the entire content would be pasted in the same way as it was at the original website on Chromebook. 

  • You have successfully copied and duplicated the content that you wished to.

3. The above are the cases where you wanted to copy a piece of the text that is published online or in some already available document. But in case you wish to copy the entire page which has been published and is online or somewhere in a document, you may follow these steps and instructions:

  • Select the entire page by merely pressing the ‘Ctrl + A’ keys on your keyboard, which selects and thus, highlights the entire page. 

  • Now press the ‘Ctrl + C’ on your device’s keyboard and open the documents where you wish the copied content to be located. 

  • Now finally press the ‘Ctrl + V’ keys and you will see that the entire page has been copied on your opened document or page. 

4. Further, let's suppose that you intend to copy an image from Chromebook. To do the same you need to first place your mouse cursor on the image that is to be copied and then right-click. A small menu or list appears on your screen with a few options to consider. Amongst all the options, you need to click on the ‘copy’ alternative and then open the final sheet and place the cursor in the area where you wish to copy the image. Then again do right-click and select the ‘paste’ option. The desired image is now copied and visible on your sheet or document where you wished it to be.


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