5 Web Design that will get you More Leads

 Web design is the primary step of gaining web traffic. If your website is aesthetic and responsive, users will come to your website and browse for longer time.  You should maintain the right balance between design and content. To make your website effective and engaging you should consider the following things.

  • Website layout/ website design

  • Image and graphics

  • Call-to action

  • Navigation menu

  • Use content and whitespace properly

5 Web Designs to get you More Lead

Five crucial web design hack you must keep in mind

Website layout/website design

Website layout should be responsive. Otherwise, you will not get the desirable outcome of the website. Appearance of the website should be clear and concise. 

A responsive website design refers to developing a website that works well and looks good on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone screen. A responsive website optimizes it’s appearance according to the user's screen. If your website automatically adapts the visitor's device, it engages the user more time browsing your site

Image and Graphics

Everybody is aware of the importance of graphics and images in web design. A relevant image has the capacity to share the actual message. But putting irrelevant images and graphics confuse your audience—still, many start-ups do not consider the value of a good image and use below irrelevant quality images. A low-quality image can spoil your website, which gradually hampers your conversion rate. Non-customized images can increase the page loading time. 

Some web designers do not develop the scalable design from the initial step. Unstructured, uncategorized, untemplated website design make your website useless because after having a large number of pages, it is difficult to maintain all pages, rebuild and scale a website again.

To avoid web design scalability issues, the web designer should follow a hierarchy of templates and design. 


Your business website's final objective is to convince your users to take call-to-action. But not having a clear CTA is another common web design mistake Website acts as a marketing and sales funnel. Your website users travel through the funnel and transformed into your customer by taking call-to-action. 

Not giving a clear call to action may mislead your clients. Again, overdoing CTA can disturb your audience. So, you need to add a proper CTA to increase your website conversion rate.

 Your CTA is the gateway of your business, so accentuate it on your website.  For example, “Click here”, “Get a coupon”, “Learn more about the product”. Your CTA should be clearly visible into your website

Navigation menu

Any kind of navigation issues kill your website popularity fast. We live in the era, where everything required instantly, we have limited patience to find out something. Hence any kind of navigation issues reduce your website traffic and overall engagement. Audience drives away from an unorganized website, where navigation menu is hard to find. 

So, focus on your navigation menu, use intuitive navigation with three steps of brainstorming, sitemap, and wireframing.

If your website is well organized, users will easily go from one page to another page of website. Hence, they spent more time on your website, and the website SEO score will increase.

Use content and whitespace properly

Content Is important for your website as well as for marketing campaign. Content is the king of your website. So, it should be compelling and concise, it should be written in a clear language, so your audience can easily understand the language. Readability of your content should be high. 

You may ask why the content is so important, it is because content describes your product and services. So, a well-structured content convinces your reader to stay in your website and get information of your services. You must publish updated content in your business website

 Next important thing is negative space or white space. White space refers to gap between content and page layout, gap between two lines and paragraph, it is depending upon the font style. So, make sure you choose an attractive and legible font. Proper utilisation of white space brings the eye around your site, and make large block of text less intimidating.

White space is equally important as the content. Incorporating too much of content in a website confused your users. So, break text up where possible., you can use visual elements such as infographics, image, or short videos to describe your services, and business concepts.  

Here we share five simple web design hacks to attract leads, if you want to implement these tips take consultation from Web design India.

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