7 Factors that might damage your Lungs

 Lungs, the organs that keep you breathing and ensure the proper oxygen supply to every single cell of our bodywork 24/7. These little high performing organs are not only important for our survival but also their health is crucial for our overall well being.

Why is lung health important?

Lung health can get affected in many ways. Respiratory infection to chronic lung diseases and fatal lung cancer, all these lung health issues can take a toll on our health. Lungs disease risk factors can be many, while some of the lung diseases are in your genetics, there are many others that can be allergies or come from environmental factors such as smoke or pollution.

All these causes of lung disease risk factors can be categorized into preventable and non-preventable ones. My father who was an asthma patient and a chain smoker spent his life visiting top lungs doctors in Peshawar and it made me learn that taking care of your lungs is a better option than spending a part of your life in medical facilities.

Surprising factors that cause lungs damage

When it comes to taking care of lungs there are various things that cause damage to your lungs. Many of the lung-damaging factors can be identified by us, however, there are many others that can damage our lungs unknowingly. Let’s know more about these surprising causes of lung damage.

1- Mould

Mould is a type of fungus found in our homes and is known to release spores in the air. These spores keep floating in the air and can get entry to the airways through inhaling. These spores are known to trigger the allergic reaction having symptoms including sneezing and runny nose. However, when these spores reach the lungs it can result in asthma and other lung problems.

2- Elements from your indoor

Another surprising cause of lung damage can come from your house indoors. Yes, you heard me right! There are several things in your interior that can house the allergens. Your carpet, curtains and even old mattresses can hold these allergens causing long term damage to your lungs when entering air passages through a vacuum.

3- Scented candles

Candles are considered to add beauty to a place but you know this can be harmful to your lungs. Scented candles, when burning, release paraffin (petroleum-based) and other harmful chemicals. These released chemicals can act as allergens and can cause damage to your lungs if you inhale them on a routine basis.

4- Flour

When we talk about the allergens, the allergens we get exposed to at the workplace are known as occupational allergens. Flour is another such allergen and there exists a term for it known as baker’s asthma.

If you are exposed to large quantities of flour on a regular basis then you need to consider your risk of developing respiratory diseases. You can use many ways to protect yourself from exposure to these allergens such as wearing a mask while working as well as ensuring proper ventilation when you are exposed to it.

5- Humidifier

A humidifier is often recommended to manage various respiratory illnesses and these humidifiers can prevent allergies and respiratory infections. However, you will be surprised to know that the same humidifier can be a cause of lung problems. If you are not cleaning it properly then there are chances that your humidifier may house the microbes in it. When you turn on it, the humidifier blows out those allergens into the air that can enter your lungs via inhalation in that environment leading to lung problems.

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6- Cockroaches

Cockroaches’ droppings turn into dust and we are exposed to those while breathing as these might be attached to the floor and the furniture. These droppings and parts of bodies when entering into our lungs can cause allergies and other respiratory issues that can be quite problematic and damaging for your lungs health in the long run. Studies support that cockroach allergens are known to trigger asthma in patients.

7- Pesticides

Other than cockroaches, the pesticides we use in our house also contain harmful chemicals. Other than pesticides, the cleaning agents we use in our homes can also be harmful to us. All these chemicals can trigger allergies and other respiratory problems which can be quite harmful to our lungs health.

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