Yellow Fungus: Symptoms, Cause and Treatment - Everything you Need to know

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh): Black and white fungus is not safe, now it is yellow fungus again. Amid concerns over black fungus across the country, a case of yellow fungus has come to light in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. 

The injured man is undergoing treatment at ENT Surgeon Dr. Bridge Pal Tyagi Hospital. It is also considered to be more dangerous than black and white fungus.

What are the symptoms of yellow fungus? 

The Symptoms of Yellow Fungus are:

  1. This fungal infection can cause problems such as lethargy, low appetite or not being hungry at all. 
  2. This will reduce weight as well. 
  3. If the yellow fungus infection is severe, pus may come out of the boil or sore. 
  4. In addition, if there is any wound on the body, it will heal slowly. 
  5. Even malnutrition organ failure or involved eye problems can occur. 

Yellow fungus is a deadly disease. It starts inside the body. Therefore, it is necessary to start treatment immediately if any of the above symptoms occur.

What is the cause of yellow fungus? 

The Causes of Yellow Fungus are:

  1. Poor hygiene is the main cause of yellow fungus infection. So it is important to keep the house as clean as possible.
  2. Discard old food. 
  3. Also, if there is stool in the house, remove it. So that bacteria or fungus do not grow. Humidity in the house is very important. Because, excess moisture is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. 30 to 40 percent humidity is correct.

What is the Treatment of yellow fungus?

The only treatment for yellow fungus is Amphotericin B injection. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has informed today that so far 5,424 cases of Mukarramycosis have been detected from 17 states and Union Territories. Of these, 4,558 were infected with corona. And 55 percent had diabetes. Naturally, after the black and white fungus, the yellow fungus infection re-emerged in this cowardly atmosphere.

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