Parenting 101: Safe furniture modifications for your young kids

There are several reasons why families may want to consider using children's furniture at home. Because the original furniture is not safe to use, there are many preventable accidents in the home. Choosing and carefully placing durable furniture to prevent debris like children from entering the home will have a major impact on the safety of your home and family.Β 

Therefore, I will not consider on blaming you for doing so, because we all want to provide our kids with the best service.

Now, there are a few things to consider when building possible child-friendly houses.

  1. Study table

If your child wants to improve his level of activity, invest in a study table. It is a good habit for your child to focus on learning with a bench, and it can improve his body posture. Your child can now avoid activities in bed that cause drowsiness.

  1. Sofa

If you need durability, you can get a leather-like wipeable surface, and consider regular surface protection for fabric lounges. Leather is a versatile sofa fabric. Elegance and complete casualness are fine. Its smooth surface is relatively simple to clean. Vinyl is versatile and usually has the same stylish appearance as leather, but at a much cheaper price. It is also easy to clean. Just wipe off the leaking water by spraying water.

In addition, choosing a sofa with a strong frame will beneficial especially at times when children treat the sofa like a trampoline. For sofas, wool and wool blends are very good because it is very durable. Compared with other fabrics, fur becomes more difficult to bend and wrinkle. In addition, wool can easily remove spots. Use a hand-held cleaner to vacuum the natural fibers to remove dust.

  1. Book shelves

Let your children get used to reading, because it helps them grow. Add bookshelves to your bedroom or any other room in your house where your child usually stays. Of course, you can place other items in the shelves, such as toys, game consoles and other equipment your child needs.

  1. Bed

Children always need good rest and sleep to help them grow. Their bed should feel good, fluffy, comfortable and inviting and very attractive. Because we all know how much energy children took up in the daylight. So, we need to provide them a good night sleep. In addition to bed frames and mattresses, it is recommended to choose the bed linen used in the bedroom wisely, or take your children with you when choosing the design of the bed linen.

One famous kind of bed for children is bunk bed. The novelty of the bedroom bunk bed is usually a sign of childhood. By sharing with siblings or hosting an accommodation party, children love bunk beds! For families with multiple children and limited space, bunk beds are undoubtedly a useful space-saving solution, but you should be extra careful before using them.

Bunk beds are useful, but they can be dangerous, especially for young children. Bunk beds are not recommended for children under 9 years old. Injuries associated with bunk beds are most common in children under 6 years of age. The bunk bed above is not a playground and can only be used for sleeping; Falling while playing on the upper bunk bed is the cause of most injuries.

  1. Drawers

The best practice is to fix all drawers to the stud wall to prevent children from climbing or pulling heavy objects. Sometimes this is impossible. In this case, a diffusion anchor can be used to slightly increase the stability of the device.

It is best to lock fragile items or store them on high shelves away from curious little hands.

  1. Chairs

A better option is to try one of the following methods: rounded corners, upholstered chairs, soft rattan or wicker furniture. Avoid using stools chairs or anything that is easy to climb and fall when the child is young. Chairs with reduced stability should be disposed of as potential hazards. Please also note that metal stools may be particularly sharp and may cause cuts to the lower legs and hands.

We want to plan our furniture very well before buying them because we want to think first the convenience and safety of our kids. So think of the most durable and safe furniture ideal for homes with young children.Β  Visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for more dΓ©cor tips.

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