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Starbucks came out wonderfully to provide a sophisticated atmosphere, not only by offering customers a cup of coffee, but also by making them feel comfortable.

Customers feel blissful when they go to Starbucks. Starbucks offers not just a coffee but also many other items that comfort a customer and the customer is drawn back to Starbucks. Starbucks is providing a place for people to meet in which they can experience bonding and belonging.

Each Starbucks customer is willing to pay more for just one coffee as he gets all the above for free with each cup. Many people want to get job in Starbucks. So in this post, today we will explain you  how old you have to be to work at Starbucks.

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks?

Starbucks have an age eligibility criteria for minimum 16 years. If you are 16 or more than 16, you can easily get an job at Starbucks for entry level posts. 

Though Hiring Managers often prefer candidates who have an experience of working in service industry but you still can get a work at Starbucks.

What type of job do you have at Starbucks?

Among the most common positions at Starbucks, that of a Store Manager, a Shift Supervisor or a barista might interest you.

Store Manager : He leads a team of 5 to 25 people and ensures the smooth running of his coffee shop at all levels. He is responsible for the management of products, orders, checkouts and compliance with hygiene standards. Its missions also include recruitment, training and the establishment of schedules.

Shift Supervisor : He assists the Store Manager in the supervision of employees by ensuring their integration, their training and the distribution of their tasks. He also has a great deal of responsibility for complying with Starbucks standards. He's supposed to share his coffee expertise with customers and baristas

Barista  : He greets customers and advises them on Starbucks products. It is the first person responsible for the satisfaction of each person who enters the coffee shop. He takes orders with ease and speed and ensures the preparation of drinks and meals. He must ensure the cleanliness of work surfaces and rooms.

What are the benefits of working at Starbucks?

Bonus and additional variable remuneration according to individual objectives.

Social benefits: Company mutual health insurance, paid leave, restaurant ticket covered at 70%, canteen, packed lunch.

  1. Young and dynamic team
  2. Pleasant working atmosphere
  3. Training on order taking, product preparation and cash registering
  4. Mutual assistance in the team in case of difficulty
  5. Flexibility of working days and possibility of part-time work
  6. Possibility of negotiating the employment contract
  7. Powerful work tools

What are the disadvantages of working at Starbucks?

Here are some Disadvantages :

  • High pace of work
  • Obligation to stand for long hours
  • Some less welcoming teams causing a difficult integration of new employees
  • Exposure time too short
  • Obligation to stay in the coffee shop outside of shift hours when there are still customers.
  • Health insurance plan not included in social benefits
  • Some perks and rewards are not available to newbies

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