How to make Smooth Stone in 5 Steps Easily in Minecraft

Minecraft is a Very popular Game and there is no doubt about this Statement. As it is very popular there will be many problems and queries which most of the gamers face. So here I am going to show you the detailed guide on the Query, "How to make Smooth Stone".

In this Popular Game Minecraft, a gamer can get many different types of stone building blocks which can be used to make Smooth Stone by crafting. The most common type of stone is Cobblestone which you can easily find with game elements. In this blog you are going to learn the detailed information about making Smooth Stone and also the elements you need.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft ?

For making a Smooth Stone in Minecraft you need mainly three things. The three main things are stone, coal and furnace. Below is a detailed guide of making a smooth stone in Minecraft.

  1. Getting Coal - I think there is no need to tell the way to get Coal in Minecraft. In Fact coal is among the most common things in Minecraft. You will find coal surrounded all around. It is widely needed to make your furnace running. You just have to look for blocks which have black specks in them and you will get coal.

  1. Getting the Cobblestone - You can get Cobblestone anytime. It is a very common type of stone you will get in Minecraft. In Minecraft you need Cobblestone for a Number of activities. Cobblestone is going to be used in a furnace and this is the stone which is going to be converted in the Smooth Stone.

  1. Building Furnace - It is mandatory to build a Furnace in order to make the smooth stone. For building the smooth stone you will need eight Cobblestone and every block in the Furnace should be filled except the middle one. 

  1. Use of Furnace to convert Cobblestone in Stone - So your Furnace is complete. Now to run the furnace you need to use Coal and you have collected coal from your surroundings. You have to put coal in the furnace in the bottom slot. You have to put cobblestone in the upper slot. The heat of Coal Burning will make the Cobblestone transform. You will obviously see signals that the Cobblestone is Burning by the flames above the furnace.

  1. Use of Furnace to convert Stone into smooth stone - After you convert the Cobblestone to stone you have to repeat the process again. Thus run the furnace again. Add coal and heat the stone. You will find the Stone converted into Smooth Stone. 

Congrats….You have made your smooth stone. Now you can use it to make building blocks and Interesting recepies. 

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Last Updated- 11th March 2021

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