How to evolve Togepi - Best Pokemon Guide

In this guide for Togepi in the pokemon sword, you are going to know everything about evolving Togepi in the Pokemon Sword and Shield, and also we will be sharing details of Togepi like Togepi's stats, where you can find Togepi with the chances of its getting found there, what are the abilities of Togepi and also what are its weakness with its strengths. 

What type of Pokemon is Togepi ?

Togepi is a pokemon from pokemon sword and shield which is a kind of fairy-type pokemon. in pokemon sword and shield, Togepi is at #257 for galar pokedex. As Togepi is a Fairy-type pokemon it is very adorable to have it. Togepi is adorable but it evolves in two forms. 

What are the Stats of Togepi ?

Here are the Stats of Togepi -

Hp - 35

Speed- 20

Defense- 65

Attack- 20

Special attack- 40

Special defense- 65

But before evolving the Togepi it is important to find it before starting with anything else. So here are the top locations where you can locate Togepi and further evolve it. 

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Where to locate Togepi ?

The chances of finding Togepi in pokemon sword are very less. For higher chances of finding Togepi you should look for it in tall green grass when there are foggy weather conditions, In this condition, you can find Togepi at the chance of 5%. You can also find it with less chance of 2% when there is any normal day and you look for it near the bridge field.

      You can even find Togepi's evolved forms. The first evolved form of Togepi which is Togitic can spawn in Stoney wilderness in tall grass with a max spawn rate of 10%. The next evolved form from Togitic which is Togikiss can also spawn in the dusty bowl at the rate of only 2%.

     Now as you know how to locate Togepi it's time to evolve one. So here is the evolutionary time line of Togepi.

What are the forms of Togepi ?

Togepi can be evolved into  2 forms from the primary one. Togepi gets evolved into Togetic first and then it gets transformed into Togekiss. After knowing the two forms of Togepi here is how you can evolve one.

How to evolve Togepi ?

For evolving Togepi into Togetic, you need:

  1. 220 happiness. When you rich at 220 happiness Togepi will be evolved to Togetic. 
  2. After evolving into Togetic you will need the shiny stone to evolve it into Togekiss. Now the shiny stone is not easy to find, it can be found in few locations in the Galar region. 
  3. After finding the shiny stone you need to give it to Togetic and it will instantly evolve into Togekiss.

What level does Togepi Evolve ?

There is no such level which can clearly indicate the level at which Togepi will evolve. But I can ensure you that Togepi will evolve when it reaches 220 Happiness.

How do you make Togepi evolve faster ?

You can Evolve Togepi whenever it reaches 220 Level of Happiness. You can also evolve Togepi by using Shinning Stone. Thus, you can evolve Togepi Faster.

Hope all these points help. If you have a Query then you must Comment down below. I will try to solve your Query.

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