7 Ways To Incorporate Fresh Flowers Into A Wedding

 A special event such as a wedding should be done in a way as beautiful as possible. After all, it is the celebration of and the match that has been made up in heaven. When it comes to weddings, we can’t think of a better decor item than flowers- they really do make everything look gorgeous.

Fresh flowers fill the space up with positivity, love and happiness. These flowers- with their beauty and fragrance, can clearly set the mood for the occasion and also give it a special touch. Infact, you can take a wedding decor from 1-10 instantly by just using some gorgeous fresh flowers as decor items.

There’s not one but a thousand ways in which you can incorporate fresh flowers into a wedding. We have made a list of the top 7 ways in which you can do so:

Decorate the entrance to your wedding venue with gorgeous fresh flowers

The entrance to your wedding is pretty much the first thing visitors notice when they arrive at the venue, don’t you want it to look just perfect? Hence, use fresh flowers to make the entrance look gorgeous and make it so unique that it catches everyone’s eye. Make sure you aren’t using fully bloomed flowers as these will wilt even before the actual event starts- also, the farther away they are from direct sunlight and dust, the better they are going to be and the longer they are going to last.

Use a fresh flower backdrop

The wedding backdrop is one of the most important parts of the wedding decor because not only are you going to start this beautiful new chapter of your life in front of this but the wedding pictures will forever have this backdrop in it and you really don’t want these special pictures to look bad- after all, these are your wedding pictures. Try to go for a floor to ceiling sort of floral backdrop and use colours that are going to go with the wedding theme and thus your outfit as well. 

  • Decorate the center table with beautiful fresh flower arrangements

A beautiful flower arrangement kept on the center table is going to instantly make the whole decor look ten times classier and more gorgeous. While this is a brilliant idea, you should also keep some important points in mind such as- don’t use excess flowers or very tall flower decor on the table as this might make it difficult for the guests to speak to one another, use flowers that aren’t fully bloomed when they are first put on the table as fully blooms flowers are most likely to wilt before the event is over, if it’s an outdoor wedding then try not to use too many flowers on the table as this will attract various kind of insects and you don’t want that especially around food, use flowers that suit the wedding theme, etc. 

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Use fresh flowers on the wedding cake

Incorporating fresh flowers into the wedding cake as a cake decor item is a great idea as this automatically makes the cake look so much more gorgeous and wedding-like. Again, the colour of the cake and the fresh flowers to be used on the cake should go well with the colour theme of the wedding in order to give the feeling of a beautiful well-planned wedding. Two very important things that you should keep in mind while doing this- use flowers that don’t have a very strong smell, use absolutely fresh, clean and semi-bloomed flowers.

Use fresh flowers as a welcome gift/party favour 

Everyone attends a lot of weddings each year and even before going to the next one, they tend to forget about the previous wedding that they attended. So, how do you make your wedding a memorable one for the guests? Give small welcome gifts when they arrive or party favours when they are about to leave- it even be something as small and simple as a handwritten personalised thank you note along with one rose each (or any flower of your choice that you feel goes with your wedding theme and will also be liked by the guests). 

  • Fresh flowers as the wedding flower for the bride

It’s a tradition in many countries and cultures for the bride to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers to her wedding- this is in fact a very important thing to be taken care of while planning the wedding. Your wedding flower should absolutely go with your wedding dress and your wedding theme. Make sure the wedding bouquet isn’t too big or too small, otherwise it will either go unnoticed or will overshadow the rest of your look- you don’t want either. 

Fresh flowers as a hairstyling item for the bride 

Fresh flowers make an excellent choice when it comes to bridal hairstyling. Use beautiful flowers that will complement the outfit and this will for sure turn heads at the wedding. You can also choose to get online valentine flower delivery for your wedding day’s look!

Make your wedding one of a kind.

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