The Most Recommended Mobile Phone for Domestic Machines

In recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have continuously increased their investment in scientific research, which has continuously improved the quality and technological content of domestic mobile phones. The flagship machines of some domestic brands have won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad.

Huawei P40 Pro+

 This phone inherits the excellent pedigree of the previous generation P30 Pro, but also retains some classic details. Huawei P series has always been known for fashion photography, with 10x zoom to maintain high definition, up to 100x binocular zoom, and 7680 frames of high-speed photography technology. Extremely high configuration and advanced algorithms are the source of confidence for Huawei's mobile phone shooting level. The fuselage created by nano-microcrystalline ceramic technology gives this flagship a gorgeous and noble temperament. Buy mobile phone cases and don’t miss case hut discount code.


Huawei Mate30 Pro 

 This is a 5g mobile phone that went on the market last year. Although Huawei mobile phones have been updated and changed, as Huawei's high-end business flagship machine, Mate30 Pro, its value preservation is beyond doubt. The front screen uses a super curved ring screen design, which greatly improves the visual experience. Fast charging, low power consumption, and smooth experience are also reasons why many white-collar workers choose this phone.


Mi 10

 Unlike Huawei mobile phones, Xiaomi mobile phones do not focus on technological content, but rather high cost performance. Even if you don't choose the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, you can still get a good experience. Many Xiaomi users love Xiaomi because of the MIUI system.


Meizu 17

 Many users have given positive comments to this low-priced 5g flagship. An extremely balanced configuration can bring a complete experience choice. It should be noted that the pro version of this phone has not greatly improved, and the basic version of the azure unicorn color scheme, but it gives people a bright feeling. Buy mobile phone and never miss Argos discount code

OnePlus 8 Pro

 As a domestic brand, OnePlus is not well-known in China, but it can be regarded as a well-known brand abroad. There is no doubt that OnePlus 8 Pro is a high-tech mobile phone with a 2k+120Hz flexible screen and a simple system. This refreshing feeling is difficult to experience on other 5g flagships.

ZTE Tianji A20

 It has been a long time since ZTE has produced an amazing product. I believe this ZTE Tianji A20 will allow ZTE to harvest a group of loyal users. As the world's first under-screen camera phone, it does indeed achieve a truly full screen, which is what many users who are not satisfied with the water drop screen expect to see.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition

 This phone and Huawei Mate Porsche also have collection value, but this does not mean that its experience will be inferior to other flagship phones. 120Hz super-sensing screen, HDR image quality enhancement, Dolby panoramic sound, can fully meet high-end demand. The advanced concept design of the outer body also pays attention to the look and feel, interpreting the low-key luxury experience.

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