Best 4GB Ram For PC With Specifications

 Thinking of upgrading your PC's RAM. Well, for basic multitasking, 4GB RAM will be sufficient for newbies. But you can even choose more depending on the specifications. So, check out the requirements you must check before buying a RAM. Also, check our recommended products to ensure an enhanced experience. 

A 4 GB RAM is usually more affordable and best for laptops, not meant for high performances. You can also check our collection of best business laptops under 500$ to find the most compatible one.

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RAM Requirements For A PC 

A quick memory can be beneficial for lots of things. Knowing how much memory to put in your PC is usually pretty straightforward. It helps to know what the numbers on your memory modules mean. Also, RAM has a clock speed, which corresponds to how much data throughput it can handle each second.


RAM also has timings, which are typically expressed as a string of numbers. The numbers are latency measures: the number of clock cycles per second it takes for your RAM to perform, like accessing individual pieces of data. So shorter timings will mean faster performance, and it will determine exactly how fast your RAM will operate.

The best RAM Speed

A faster RAM typically will only give you minimal performance boosts. You probably won't be able to notice unless you're using very specialized benchmarking software. Modern memory has lots of bandwidth and can often handle more data flowing. 

You usually won't get more FPS in your games by plugging your graphics card into a faster PCI Express slot. Spending more money on top-end memory won't usually translate to noticeable improvements in your programs.

A faster memory can be beneficial in certain situations on the server-side. You can use it as a cache, or you can take data that's on your primary storage. It so it can be accessed much faster, and you can use it for many virtual computers.


When buying memory, must check the brand. Try to buy from a reputable brand with a good warranty because lower quality RAM can cause lots of inexplicable errors that can leave you tearing your hair out.

Correct Type Of DDR

You need to choose the correct type of RAM depending on your needs. It will include DDR3 SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, SDRAM, or SRAM. You can choose one that caters to your needs well and ensure the best performance of your PC. 

After checking these factors, you can select our recommended RAM with your PC or laptop. You can also check best laptop recommendations at allegedly-speaking.

Best 4GB Ram For PC - Timetec Hynix IC 4GB DDR3L

Here we've presented the best 4GB RAM for your PC, which will serve great for efficient working. It is excellent for adding more to working experience. Also, being versatile, you won't put find yourself in hassle while analyzing it.

Here are some specifications of this RAM.

Capacity: 4GB

Frequency: 1333MHz

Speed: PC3-10600

Latency: CL9


Voltage: 1.5V

Also, it's pretty simple to install on your PC. You won't need to spend long hours on its functioning. Hence, it will help you to increase your browsing experience, ensuring multitasking. 


The only downside is that it works best for a PC and not for laptops.

Summing Up

Hence, you must check for at least 4GB of RAM even if you just want a new RAN for basic browsing and searching purposes. You may need to check out a movie, but there must be at least 4GB. Many everyday tasks catch a bit of memory. 

It will need some space on your PC to get your tasks running efficiently.  Timetec Hynix IC 4GB DDR3L is best in this regard. When you get a new one, you'll feel a noticeably smoother experience for everyday tasks if you don't skimp too hard on your RAM.

Note: You must check for at least 4GB of RAM even if you just want a new RAN for necessary searching purposes. Try our recommended one for getting the best results.

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