Ariana Grande Net worth, Age, Children- 13 Facts you don't know

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Ariana Grande Short Introduction 

Who is Ariana Grande ?
Ariana Grande full name or real name is Ariana Grande Butera .She is an American Pop singer, song writer and actress. She is born on 26 June 1993 (age 27 years)(as in 2020)in Boca Raton ,Florida, United states. 

Ariana Grande Net Worth, Ariana Grande Height

What is age of Ariana Grande ?

The Age of Ariana Grande is 27 Years as of 2020. She was born in 1993 June in America.

Ariana Grande Announced about her engagement in Instagram she engaged to her new boy friend Dalton Gomez . When Ariana Grande is looking for a home outside, Dalton help her to found home. when Ariana saw him , She think Dalton was cute ,good looking and handsome. 

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What is Ariana Grande Net Worth ?

Ariana Grande has a net Worth of $150 millions. She is the one who receives large salary as a singer. 

Who are Ariana Grande Father and Mother ?
Her father's name is Edward Butera. He is a graphic designer and photographer. Ariana Grande's mother name is Joan Grande, she is a Business woman. Ariana Grande has a brother, whose name is Frankie Grande. He is a Actor, Singer, Youtuber and Dancer.

Ariana Grande  first song is "Yours Truly" which was released in 2013, her debut single .Song was written by Mac Miller and Brenda Russell, the song was recorded by artist Jordin Sparks. Her second song was released in 2014 " My Everything ". Her third song is "Dangerous woman" which was released in 2016, May and was written by Max , Martin Savan , Salmanzadeh . Her fourth song is "Sweetener" released in 2018 August ,And received a Grammy award for this song . Her fifth song is "Thank u next" is released in 2019 February. Her sixth song is released in October 23, 2020 "Positions".

Ariana Grande  also acted in movies - Some movies of Ariana are Excuse me , I love you , Don't look u, Swindle, Zoolander 

Ariana Grande began her career in Broadway Musical on 2008. She played the role in the Nickelodeon television series and appeared on the television shows. She borrowed her voice to Animated television and films.

What are some Ariana Grande Songs ?

Some of are songs are Bang Bang, Rain on me ,Side to side ,God is a woman, problem, love me harder ,Break free, Boyfriend, Don't call me angel, Every day, Be alright.

What is Ariana Grande Height ?

Ariana Grande height is 5 feet 3 inches, 161 cm.

What is Ariana Grande Weight ?

Ariana Grande weight is 49 kg or 108Ibs.

Ariana Grande Instagram

- Ariana Grande Instagram Id (@aarianagrande) which is having 218.1m Followers ,725 following, 4756 posts.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller- Ariana Grande ex boyfriend is Mac Miller. Ariana and Mac were split in 2018. They were together for 2 years. Mac was a wrapper, he died in a accident. He was overdosed and drunked. 

Who is Ariana Grande Brother ?

Her brother's name is Frankie Grande .He is a dancer, actor, singer and producer. He was Born on 24 January 1983. Ariana Grande Brother full name is Frank James Michael Grande Marchione.

What are Ariana Grande Albums ?

Ariana Grande has released 6 Albums:-
 First album is "yours truly ",
 Second album is" My everything"
 Third Album is "Dangerous woman" 
 Fourth Album is "Sweetener"
 Fifth Album is "Thank u"
 Six Album is " Positions"

Ariana Grande Parents - Ariana Grande Mother name is Joan Grande, She is a Business person. Her father name is Edward Butera. He is a photographer and Graphic designer. Thus her parents were both working personels.

Ariana Grande Nationality- She is born in Boca Raton , Florida, United States. She is an on birth American.

Who is Ariana Grande Ex boyfriend ?

Her ex boyfriend is Mac Miller , he is a rapper and died in September 2018 in a accident due to over dose. Now she announced about her engagement with Dalton Gokez.

What are some Ariana Grande quotes?

We have to lift each other up, not try and claw each other down

I am better off being a wild one

If we give a little love, may be we can change the world 

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber-

Justin and Ariana are still close friends. They both collaborated on song "Stuck With U". There were many Rumour that they were couples but Ariana Grande did not announce any such relationship with Justin Bieber, nor did Justin do.

Frequently asked questions :

Why did Ariana leave Pete?

Ariana Grande  and Pete Davidson are lovers .Both break up in 2018, Enjoyed a whirlwind relationship in 2018 And even got engaged. In a interview Pete Davidson revealed due to ariana ex boy friend-died. Then they both split up their relationship.

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Who is Ariana Grande husband ?

Now, recently Ariana dated with Dalton Gomez. Singer Ariana announced in Instagram that, they both first met in February, are engaged and getting married. Dalton is Los Angeles real estate agent.  They were engaged in 2020 before the Christmas Eve. 

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