5 Solid Reasons Why Your School Admission Application Was Rejected

5 Solid Reasons Why Your School Admission Application Was Rejected

There could be many reasons why the application of a student got rejected by the admission department of a school. This post will shed light on some of them. Parents do not want to hear it, but there are instances when an application gets rejected even when the interview session goes smoothly.

Well, there are several reasons, and the following sections will shed light on some of them:

Not understanding the admission process can be the primary reason

Most parents fail to understand the admission process of the schools. Many private schools conduct parent interviews and may interact with the child - in the presence or absence of parents. International schools score over other schools because they focus more on holistic development. The parent might need to speak to the admission panel and understand the requirement. However, in the end, you also have to help prepare your child for a process where they might have to interact with other adults. 

Maybe the school is not right

It can happen when the parent has not applied to several schools in large cities like Pune with hundreds of options. Therefore, one needs to ensure that parents understand the school and its priorities before seeking school admissions in Pune. In this way, you will be able to increase their child's chances of getting admission in a top school even if you limit the number of applications and processes.

Presence of the child in extracurricular activities

Another reason schools often reject students' application is the latter's lack of interest in extracurricular activities. In case the application of a student has blank spaces under the heading 'extracurricular' activities, then chances of the same getting rejected are high. So, ask your child to participate in activities that interest them. 

In case a child shows interest in extracurricular activities, a parent should choose schools that prioritise the same, to begin with.

Strong letters of recommendation can improve the chances

The admissions officers associated with schools these days take applications from students that come with strong recommendation letters seriously. While this may not be true for pre-primary school students, recommendations for senior classes always help. 


In this age of close scrutiny and screening process, it is natural for some schools to reject a student's application because it did not come with a strong letter of recommendation backing the abilities and overall conduct of a child.

Hence, it is best to choose a school that doesn't lay importance to such testimonials and gives the child a fair shot at distinguishing themselves with outstanding performance in academics and other spheres.

The personal statement from the child should be interesting

The admissions departments of schools filter through hundreds, if not thousands of applications from students every year as the admissions season arrives. Hence, a parent should ask their secondary or high school child to come up with an interesting catchy personal statement that would leave a positive impression on an admission officer, thus allowing the applicant to have a chance to sit in the admission interview.

In the end, if the application of a student gets rejected by the admission department of a school, it is common for students, irrespective of their age to crumble emotionally. First, make sure, your child should not feel the stress - so as parents you should not stress and remain calm during the process. These are delicate situations, and as a parent, one must provide emotional support to the child. A parent should comfort the child and validate the experience as a life lesson.

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