Positive Impact on Entrepreneurs - A Detailed Guide

Create the positive impact you're looking for : 

All of us who have endeavours know that we have moments of deep personal satisfaction, as well as others of deep uncertainty.

Something that is further accentuated in sensitive times like the ones we are living.

From my profession and as an entrepreneur; I know that having sustainability as one of the goals of my project I have not taken the simplest path, but yes, the one that at the end of the day makes me feel better.

For several years I have advised, generated strategic content and marketing actions for brands such as Nike, Quicentro, Fashion Revolution... just as I have worked with microenedments and author design.

This has allowed me to know the successes and mistakes we all make no matter the magnitude or scale of our business.

One of the most recurrent factors is that there is no good strategy if it does not know and recognizes the environment in which it is unfolding; as well as the importance of building relationships as a brand.

So I decided to share information that might be useful in making strategic decisions for all the entrepreneurs we are on the loose out there; and above all to emphasize

A couple of issues that I consider important for those who have projects interested and driven towards sustainability.

1. Your product/service has a value that goes beyond what many can see or feel.

We need to make visible the problems we see, as well as the solutions we have set out to generate.

This is a very important time to build deep relationships with the people we ask to be consumed (more if we represent, in some way, personalization).

We must communicate with them, not just sell them, we need to find ways to project and make the history of our brand visible.

2. In times of crisis many people are open to changing their consumption habits, more than "normal".

This may be for price issues, scarcity or the exchange interest itself.

Your project should recognize how to be present in that window called, opportunity.

It is a time when union can make a deep force.

Do you already know what you can do with other people who aren't normally in your industry?

There is no indicated answer, only action that can mark a starting point.

We can all find different ways to collaborate together.

Even if it comes to exploring other ways to perceive profitability, for example, integrating barter into your brand philosophy.

This integrates social networks, online stores, digital communities, know how to use their tools.... But above all know what and how we are going to talk about them.

Here's the full talk that talks about various topics that are useful for creating a strategy.

From how consumer habits work, to industry revival projections.
It is clear that trends towards more responsible consumption take hold and are an opportunity that purposely undertakings must capitalize on.

This is the time when many are willing to change lifestyle habits, that includes several products.

It is a crucial time to build deep partnerships and that requires the strategies and commitments we generate with our ventures.

This Article is written by Pac Ford. 
If you feel to talk to him, then you may contact via , naijmag@gmail.com

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