How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency (Step by Step Guide)

Today I want to share with you how to start a digital marketing agency with no money,no experience and no course. You can easily get from zero to ten thousand dollars per month without any of those courses when you get kind of like the hiring-firing scaling, all that crazy stuff. 

That's maybe one of these courses coming into place and getting contracts in place. But really tlat the end of the day you can get to ten thousand dollars per month without one of these Expensive courses. Starting a Digital Marketing Agency is like a Service Business where you will start Serving your clients.

Here I have also discussed in detail of the process by which you will get your initial clients. All the mentioned points in this post will be helpful to you.

How to start a digital marketing agency

 I don't know about you but for me When I first got started one of my biggest fears is to have somebody pay me , bring them on as a client and then not see results for that person and because a lot of your first clients, they're people that you know, or someone that you know. They know and so you don't want to look stupid with these first few clients. So we want to tell you some proven ways right here on this article of how to get guaranteed results even if you have no experience No money, and you don't really know the best place to get started.

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So for those of you guys who are brand new here Maybe just stumbling upon my blog just a little background on myself I run a digital marketing agency. I help real estate agents. Generate leads we brought in over six million dollars over the last few years. And so I want to show you guys exactly how to make this happen. Okay ? I don't make my money from selling courses on how to go through and make money.

 I make my money actually running this marketing agency. So I want to show you guys the step-by-step ways of how I got started back in the day , How I fulfill for clients , how you can get guaranteed results and success. For your own marketing agency and scale up to ten thousand dollars per month within the next three to four months so with that said, Let me talk about some of the free ways to actually go and get your first clients and then if you guys stick Around with me here to the end of this article I'll show you and guarantee you get results for your clients. 

Now the best part is, it doesn't matter if you are in the real estate space or you want to tackle the dental niche, or maybe the Chiropractic, there's so many different industries out there . And if you guys stick with me here to the end of this video i'll show you how you can get Guaranteed results for your digital marketing agency, even if you have absolutely zero experience when you're first getting started. 

So let's first cover three easy ways to get your first clients 100 for free. You don't have to go through and invest any money. This is just investing your time to get these first clients. Now the first one that I like to do and what I did when I first got started is just going through and posting on Facebook to connect with your friends. So for example, let's say you're going to work with realtors Like I said, this works for any industry doesn't really matter but i'm in the real estate space So if you guys want to kind of copy and model exactly what I do This is what I would do I go through and I post on my facebook profile And say hey look i'm starting a marketing business do does anyone know a real estate agent, or are you a real estate agent ? I'd love to help you go and get more leads for your business . And then from there what happens is you're gonna get some likes you're gonna get some comments. Maybe people tagging other people that actually are real estate agents And the great thing is you can also do this over on linkedin. 

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Okay, because people that are following you on facebook or friends with you on facebook they're gonna be completely different people on linkedin and linkedin is more of a Business-minded approach so you could do the same exact strategy on both of those platforms.

 The second thing that I would do is I would start going through and joining Facebook groups and same thing goes for linkedin. You can join linkedin groups that have your ideal target customer so for example, If it's real estate agents if it's dentists go start joining some dental groups on facebook some dental groups on linkedin. And once you're approved don't go through and spam inside the group.

Okay, no one's gonna like that You're gonna get kicked out super quick but start adding those people as friends inside of the facebook group Inside of the linkedin groups and the reason why you want to do this Is because when you post on your personal profile down the road in the future. They're going to be your ideal client and they're going to see your post. They're going to see your posts about maybe past client success stories or different things like that. 

And so they'll start to get to know who you are What you do and how you can actually help them now a quick reminder here don't go through and add. Every single person in the group because you're going to easily get blocked by facebook. But I would go through and add maybe 15 to 20 people every single day. And yes It's gonna take about five to ten minutes of your time.

 But these are free ways to go through and get your first clients in the beginning when you're first getting started with your digital marketing agency . You're going to need to go through and invest your time. Instead of your money because usually you don't have the money to go through Investing, so you invest your time . And then you get to a point where you're making money so you can invest that money And scale things more and more to bring on more clients and skill your monthly revenue. So that's exactly how i'd go through and get my first clients with facebook and linkedin and i'd be doing this all simultaneously.

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