How to remove Feviquick from Hand [Remove From Anything]

How to remove Feviquick from Hand

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Feviquick is widely used in our day to day activities. Feviquick is commonly used to stick two objects. Feviquick is also referred as super glue. Feviquick consists of cyanoacrylate. The chemical, cyanoacrylate, makes Feviquick more efficient in its properties. 
Hence Feviquick is a perfect adhesive for common uses.

While using Feviquick, sometimes we face a lot of problems. Using Feviquick improperly can Stick your skin to a object or skin to skin. Feviquick also cause irritation if it goes to eyes and this becomes a serious matter of consultation.

Here we are going to discuss the various ways to remove feviquick from object ou your skin.

How to remove Feviquick from Skin ?

Here are the ways you should do if Feviquick attaches to your skin.

1) Bring 10ml of Coconut Oil.
2) Keep Cotton Aside.
3) Dip the cotton in the coconut oil and apply on the area.
4) Rub coconut oil on the area of Feviquick unlit you feel that Feviquick has started Detaching.
5) After you feel that Feviquick is detaching you have to apply Luke warm water in that skin part. 
6) You will see that small pieces of Feviquick has got harden and is detaching from your skin.

How to Remove Feviquick from Hand or Finger ?

If your Hand or Fingers are stuck with Feviquick then you should follow this.
Here is the solution to remove Feviquick from Hand or Finger. Follow the steps below and you will see Successful results.

1) Bring Nail Polish Remover or Acetone. (Acetone is Already present in Nail Polish Remover)
2) Bring some amount of Cotton.
3) Dip a small amount of cotton in The nail polish remover.
4) Apply it gently on the part where the Feviquick is stuck.
5) You have to apply it continuously until you feel that Feviquick has started Detaching from your fingers.
6) After few minutes you will observe that your fingers has started detaching.

Second Method :
1) Bring little amount of Paint Thinner in a Bowl.
2) Dip your attached finger into the paint thinner.
3) Try to move your fingers while those are dip into the paint thinner.
4) You will observe that your fingers have started detaching.

How to remove Feviquick from Clothes ?

Here is the solution if you face any problem to remove Feviquick from Clothes. Follow the methods below :

1) Wash the cloth in Cold water.
2) Bring Nail Polish Remover.
3) Rub the Nail Polish Remover in the cloth where Feviquick is attached.
4) Rub until you feel that the Feviquick is detaching.
5) After few minutes you will see that the Feviquick is removed.
6) Then wash that part with luke warm water.

How to remove Feviquick from Glass ?

Here is a solution if you want to remove feviquick from glass. Follow each day so that you may remove Feviquick from Glass.

1) Apply Acetone or Nail Polish Remover on the part.
2) Rub the part of attached Feviquick.
3) You will see that Feviquick will start detaching from the glass.

How to remove Feviquick from Plastic ?

The process is same as above. 

1) Just apply Acetone.
2) Rub it thoroughly in the area.
3) Rub until you feel results are coming.
4) Feviquick will be removed.

Here are all the Solution related to the removal of Feviquick from various objects. 

If you have any query regarding this then you may comment below, I will try to solve your query.

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