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Introduction : Vote of Thanks Speech is very important to make an event or a program Successful. If you have attended a Program or a event then you may have noticed that a Vote of Thanks is delivered to the audience , specially to the chief Guest of that Event. Mostly ,Vote of Thanks Speech is delivered in English at the end of a event. 

Vote of Thanks Speech In English

So here you will get the best Vote of Thanks Speech in English which will be very helpful to you. 

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Type 1 :

Here is the sample of Vote of Thanks Speech to a chief Guest in any event or program. You may also use this Vote of Thanks Speech in many other ways. Just edit this as you like. You would change those words which are in Bold and Underlined form.

" Organizing Assam Rang Utsav can be compared with building a house. Just like when building a house, we need foundations, we need pillars, and we need roof. In organizing this Rang Utsav we need three essential elements. We need Pillars and the first Pillar is, as we say in English Power of Encouragement For encouraging us always we are thankful to Mr.Sanjit Das . If your encouragement had not forced us forward our courage would have demeaned. The second pillar is trust. For trusting the Youth Power, Trusting that the Youth Power of Bindu Association Baroda can organize such an event and for believing in us I am Thankful to Mr.Sanjit Das . Our fourth pillar is Constructive Criticism Guiding us through positive advice and inspiring us. I humbly Thank Sjta,Anima Saikia, and guiding us with similar advice and encouraging us Sjt. Deepak Dutta. I thank both of them .

Our fourth pillar has been constructive criticism .You all know the efforts that went behind I greatly thank all those who have supported us. But i am more grateful to those who were critical of us in a constructive way. Because this criticism made us introspect and we worked to improve ourselves . Thank You .

 So these are our pillars. A house is incomplete without a roof and the roof of this event are the Artist. We are indebted to Renowned Actor Sjta, Chetana Das. We are indebted to singer Sjt. Dawor Hazarika Sjta, Tripti Sinha and Sjt, Luit Barua. We are thankful to you for enthralling us. We thank the Master of Ceremony Sjt. Ujjawal Modi and Sjta. Adriza Batsa . These Artist were our roof. 

Wthout foundation a house is incomplete and same is with our Rang Utsav and the Executive Committee of Assam Association Baroda  which is the foundation of this event. And hence I welcome on Stage our Chairperson Sjta. Mamata Mahilary Vice President Sjt. Rose Khanikar Cultural Secy. Sjt. Bijan Kalita Secy. Uday Bhaskar Padmapati Asst. Secy. Sjt. Dwaipayan Chutia .  The jewel of the crown of this Rang Utsav is the Bihu Troupe all the way from Assam

In organizing this event if we have erred somewhere Please do forgive us. We believe that in coming year too we will organize Rang Utsav. And we will need your support time and again.


Type 2: This type of Vote of Thanks Speech can be used in Schools , Collages and Universities. You may edit those words which are not necessary. You would change those words which are in Bold and Underlined form.

Firstly on behalf of all the graduates I would like to take  this opportunity to thank all of the staff from Kingston University for the help you have provided during our studies at Kingston and for the time taken to help us on our journey towards today. Especially a word of thanks for those who helped  to make today so special for us . We may have previously counted down the days towards graduation . Now it is here, we have the chance to reflect upon this journey For some of us it was challenging ,for some of us it was long  but I can safely say that the journey  for all of us was ultimately rewarding.

 The Kingston experience has been diverse in its character in terms  of the undergrads with whom we have studied  and by those who we have been taught by  but one thing has remained constant throughout our experience at Kingston this is and you may have guessed it by now or not, building works . The new Business School represents a new direction for the university. The new Business School represents university that it's pursuing and the top class facilities in  which a new climate of learning can take place.

 But I also think that building has a deeper representation for the journey that we as graduates in terms of our learning and personal development. First of all the foundations. The first year is the year which most of us forget  to remember and where often our progress is slowed by the distractions. However it was progressing none the less with  committed lecturers ensuring the foundations were built. The lecturers have been a pillar of the university community . The lecturers have been a pillar of the university community  providing support in all our academic endeavours from the very beginning . 

While the administration team rather like architects will liaise  between the teaching staff and the students  and are often the first port of call for students with a problem or a question . 

Then the second year arrived hot on its heels this is where the serious work continued with the  framework of the construction added to the foundations. Within this framework our freedom to learn was increased and  a decision for the remainder of our course. For some of us there was the shock introduction to  the world of work in the industrial placement year . This meant some of us considered the inevitability of work for others, this was a window into the outside world which merely increased the  desire to complete their degrees as quickly as possible and start earning.

 Lastly we come to the final year this is where the finishing touches were put to the  graduates who had been three years in the making by now we had all faced the challenges of group work and had tried to convince the lecturers that the answers  were there deep in the 3000 word page reports but they just had to keep reading it.  But in the end we had all made it  and we could not have done it alone . Everybody here, should be proud of their achievements and thanks goes to their parents, family and  friends for all the support they've provided . It is at this point the analogy of the  new business building comes to the fore as the gleaming class of 2020 we are modern intelligent and well equipped graduates who have spent our time  at university by improving both our critical thinking skills and the ability to manage problems . 

I may leave now with a quote from Oscar  Wilde and my apologies to academics first education- He said, "An abnormal thing but it does well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught so for everyone here the  journey of real learning may have just begun" .

Thank You. "

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