Manya Survey - 23 Unknown Facts

Introduction : Manya Surve was one of the popular character in the 90s. He was a gangstar and had many alleged charges upon him. Here in this article you will get to know about Manya Survey Biography, Manya Surve Wife, Manya Surve Family, Manya Surve Movie, Manya Survey Encounter. You will surely love this article because it will keep you engaged to read this full article.

Education is Necessary. But there are some people who uses Education for dishonest means. Manya Surve is one of those. 
His real name is Manohar Arjun Surve. He is best known as Manya Surve. 

Birth - 8th August 1944

Born in - Bombay ( Mumbai )

Death - 11th January 1982

Age of Death - 37

Causes of Death - Encountered by Police

Early Life of Manya Surve

Manya Surve was born in Ranpar Village. Later they shifted to Bombay, currently Mumbai. He was born in 8th August 1944.
Manya Surve persuade his Education as a normal boy from Government school and went to take his graduation in Chemistry from Kriti Collage. He was a good student. As of that time he got about 78% in his collage which was pretty high as a graduate. 

In his collage life Manya Surve came in alliance with his 2 best Friends who became his crime partner. Later those 3 including Manya commited a crime and was given a life imprisonment.

Manya Surve was imprisoned in Yerwada Central Jail, Pune. He started alliance with many prisoners and started developing tactics to harm common people. The jail authority understood this and sent him to Ratnagiri Jail. 

As mentioned above, Manya Surve was a Educated person. So he knew many ways to get his task completed. There he went on a Hunger Strike. Everyone thought that he was changed. But it was not the fact. 
He lose 20kg in that hunger strike and the jail authority was bound to hospitalize him.

Manya Surve was clever person. He took this advantage. When you was transferred to the hospital he fled away. And police was failed to catch him. This incedent happened in 14th November 1979.

Here startes his another Phase of life....

He returned to Mumbai in search of a opportunity. Soon he got added in another Gangster. His life is full of crimes. He joined the gang of Uday Shetty. 

You may read many crimes of Manya Surve from Here

The security of Mumbai was under threat. The Mumbai police was under pressure to get Manya Surve. So, they made many attempt to get Manya but they failed. 
Mumbai police arrested almost everybody of this gang. Only Manya was left to to be free of that gang.

The Last Phase of Manya Surve.......

Manya was free from Police. The police was also under pressure because the most wanted criminal is free. But now the day came when all have to end. 
The day was of 11th January, 1982. 

Manya took a taxi to Wadala. It is believed that Mumbai Police got a clue from Dawood Ibrahim. Manya's Girlfriend Vidya has also helped the Police to catch Manya. 

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When Manya reached Wadala the police troops surrounded him. When Manya saw that there was no other way he took out his pistol. But soon two police officers shot him. Manya Surve was encountered on this day 11th January 1982. 

After his spot death he was picked up by ambulance. Everything is over now. Mumbai underworld gangster is dead. 

You may see the movie Shootout at Wadala. This movie is fully based on Manya Survey biography. Manya Surve Movie gives us a clear understanding of Mumbai's top rated Gangster.

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