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Jeff Bezos Biography
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Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2020 - 20,480 Crores USD

Jeff Bezos Wife - MacKenzie Scott

Jeff Bezos Net Worth in USD - 20,480 Crores USD

Jeff Bezos Age - 56 Years

Jeff Bezos Family - 6 Members excluding his Children

It’s no secret that Amazon.com is dominating multiple aspects of our daily lives. We can find just about everything we could possibly need on their site, and if you have Amazon Prime, you only wait two days for free delivery.For our digital media, we can read books on the Kindle, listen to music with Alexa, and watch on-demand movies and TV series. This all started with an idea that exploded into a digital revolution. So, who is the man behind the trillion dollar company ? 

Jeff Bezos Parents :

Early Life On January 12th, 1964, a 17-year girl named Jacklyn Gise gave birth to a baby boy named Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was married to Jeff’s biological father, Ted Jorgensen for just one year while she finished earning her High School diploma, but the relationship was not meant to last, and they got a divorce. Jacklyn later remarried a man named Mike Bezos, who was a Cuban immigrant who earned a college scholarship in the US.

They had two children together, and they also gave Jeff the last name Bezos.

 Jeff grew up in a very loving and supportive family. His stepfather, Mike, was very resourceful and hardworking. His mother was very loving and supportive, and she was especially concerned about making sure her son got the best education possible. She put Jeff into a Montessori School. The idea behind this educational method is to allow a child to excel in their natural talents, so they choose what they want to learn at their own pace, instead of forcing every child to learn the same things at the same time. Jeff was extremely focused on his school work, even from a young age. After The alloted time in each subject was up, his teachers had a hard time getting him to move onto the next topic.

Jeff Bezos School Life :

In pre-school, they had to pick him up while still sitting in his chair and move him just to break his concentration. Jeff Bezos spent his summer vacations living with his grandparents and helping them run their ranch in Texas. His grandparents owned an airstream trailer, so they would go on long road trip vacations together as well.During these road trips, he would find excuses to do math problems on a scrap of paper, like their average gas mileage, and how much they were spending on groceries. Even though he helped around the ranch with the chores, he did not particularly enjoy the outdoors, and he preferred to watch TV and read books. 

Jeff Bezos Early Life :

At a very early age, Jeff Bezos was showing signs that he was a genius. His grand father was also a very intelligent man, and he could see the potential in Jeff’s future. So he gave him some very valuable advice, which stuck with him for the rest of his life. Bezos explained, “It’s harder to be kind than clever. Cleverness is a gift. Kindness is a choice, and choices can be hard. ”

He spent the rest of his life reminding himself that no matter how much he accomplished, he would try to stay down-to-earth. At home, his mother allowed him to have a workshop in their garage, where he built a solar cooker, a hovercraft, and even installed a security alarm on his bedroom door. He was competing in science fairs, reading science fiction novels, and watching episodes of Star Trek on TV. 

When he was just 10 years old, he found a teletype computer at his school. He and his friends found out that there was a Star Trek game pre-programmed into the system called Trek73, so he and his friends used the computer to play the game. 

Jeff Bezos Starting his Career :

This sparked his interest in computer programming, and it would carry on for the rest of his life. Jeff Bezos started his first business in High School. He was disappointed by the quality of his town’s local summer camp where kids were just playing games outside most of the day and not really learning anything. So he founded a new camp called The Dream Institute. They allowed kids from the fourth, fifth,and sixth grade to attend, and focused on teaching children about important works of literature in a fun and exciting way.

The business was a success, and many of these kids who were doing their summer reading would then go on to get better grades in school. Not surprisingly, he was the valedictorian of his High School class, and during his graduation speech, he said that he believed that one day, human beings would colonize space. After graduation, he attended Princeton University and earned a degree in Computer Science.

His first job was at a startup called Fitel. While Working there, he was expected to fly between New York and London nearly every week to get this job done, which was costing the company a tremendous amount of money. He realized that this was not the most efficient way to run a business, and it got him thinking about all of the different things he would do more efficiently if he ran his own company oneday. 

His next job was at Bankers Trust, which gave him some experience in the financial industry. 

Next, he worked for an investment firm on Wall Street called D. E. Shaw. He helped to develop software for trading stocks online.As the years went on, Jeff Bezos was staying on top of the news about the growth of theInternet. He realized that every single year, the number of people who were using the internet is increasing by 2,300%. Even though the World Wide Web had many naysayers, he knew that the internet wasn't just a passing fad, and it would become apart of people’s daily lives in the future. 

He knew early on to take advantage of this, and Bezos figured that if he could he could genuinely create an online business that would help people make their lives easier, it would last. His motto was, “Think about the customer, and then work from there.” 

Personal Life Before : Jeff Bezos met his wife, MacKenzie, he said that he was looking for “a resourceful woman”, because he always admired how his own parents would work as a team to make due with their circumstances. He later joked that he meant he was looking for a McGyvery of sorts, like someone who could “get me out of a third-world prison.” He was lucky to find her while he was still at his job working for D.E. Shaw. MacKenzie Tuttle was a fellow Princeton alumni who was applying to work for the firm. 

Since Jeff Bezos was the one in charge of hiring new candidates, he saw her resume, and even before meeting her, he knew that she was clearly a very intelligent and capable woman. When she arrived for the job interview, he felt cupid’s arrow strike him in the heart. Even though office romances are sometimes frowned upon, they fell in love. Even though he secretly admired her, he did not want to cross the line, so MacKenzie actually made the first move to ask him out for lunch. They Were dating for just three months before they got engaged, and they got married in 1993.

Jeff Bezos Starting of Amazon:

When Jeff Bezos turned 30 years old, they had been married for only a year. He told his wife about his idea for an online bookstore, and that he wanted to quit his job in order to pursue it. They decided to leave New York City in 1994. Bezos chose to start his company in Seattle, because it is also the location of Microsoft, so there was a lot of talent in the tech industry living there for him to find employees. It’s also far cheaper to start a company there compared to New York or Silicon Valley. 

They now have several children together, and they built a rock solid foundation together long before Amazon.com ever existed. Once the company began to do well, Mackenzie was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a published author. 

Today, Jeff Bezos still puts family first. He says that he refuses to take any meetings before 10AM, because spending time with his family and having breakfast with his children before they go to school is far more important to him than anything else.

This was the whole life of Jeff Bezos….

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