Top 3 Cheapest Web Hosting Provider [2020]Case Study in Details

Yeahh... I know web hosting cost you too much. Yes obviously if you calculate the total hosting of a year then it will exit the cost of your domain. So here you will find the top cheapest and best web hosting which you can purchase. I have also provided a case study so that you will get the full knowledge about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting ?

Webhosting is a service provided by some companies to give a server to host a blog or a website. Web hosting cost from less than $1 to up to $10 as it would depend on the package and the storage you need to host your blog or your website.

Can we start our blog without a web hosting ?

Yes you may start a blog or website without web hosting. There are many free websites which give you domain as well as hosting. An example of this service is blogger which is the product of Google.

In this article, I'm going to tell you 3 web hosting providers that offer the lowest possible prices for web hosting and still deliver a quality and reputable service. I've tested these web hosting providers for more than 3 months to make sure that if you do decide to go with them and you are not sacrificing any security, speed or stability. 

So, let's jump right into the results! The cheapest stable and fast web hosting provider and the #1 on this list is Hostinger. Hostinger is the relatively new web hosting company that's only started to get some popularity recently. By the way, more often you can get your plan for 72 cents. They like to change the prices from time to time but in general it's always under $1. Because buying and maintaining a lot of web hosting packages at the same time isn't the cheapest of endeavors. 

Cheapest Web Hosting

What is the Advantages of Purchasing Hostinger ?

Only 89 cents per month mean you can buy a 4 year plan with a free SSL certificate included for just $43. If you want adomain name that'll cost you an additional 9 dollars per year. So, you get everything you need to develop your website and maintain it for 4 years by spending just $52. Keep in mind, that this is only the initial price and once it's time to renew the price jumps up dramatically. If you want to continue hosting for 4 more years it's going to cost you $400 this time. If you purchase a web host from hostinger they will give you a domain free for 1 year.

So, for longterm hosting I definitely have better solutions than Hostinger and I will talk about them more later in this article.  So, keep reading. 

How is the Performance of Hostinger ?

In terms of performance, however, it's much better than what you might expect from a cheap web hosting provider. 

What are the Comparison with other Hosting Companies ?

Here's a side by side loading speed comparison between Hostinger, SiteGround, and GoDaddy. I've done the test with the cheapest Hostinger and GoDaddy plans and the most expensive plan for SiteGround. 

Hostinger was the fastest followed by GoDaddy and then SiteGround in the third place. I used it the fastest SiteGround plan just because well it was the only one I had.But I was super interested if there's actually a difference, a noticeable difference between a $1 hosting plan and $10 hosting plan.

And surprisingly both Hostinger and GoDaddy outperformed SiteGround. So, this just goes to show that the most expensive option isn't necessarily always the best one. Hostinger offers pretty stable servers as well. They do go down once in a while for a minute here and there but I can't really complain much. Here's the uptime statistics from the past 3 months. 

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What is my Experience with Hostinger ?

My website was online during the three month period. There was one incident where my website went down for 9 hours but aside from that, it was running smoothly pretty much all of the 3 months. Overall I'm a big advocate for Hostinger services , just because I used their services myself, I think they have a great product for a great price and their performance claims can actually be backed up by data. 

What is another alternate of cheap Web Hosting ?

But it doesn't matter how much I like hosting and there's no denying that they're only cheap the first time around, if you're in new customer of course they're great but if you're looking for the long-term solution Hostinger is just gonna increase the prices upon renewal to industry standard. But there are companies that do not increase the price upon renewal and that's my second recommendation - Interserver

Similar to Hostinger, Interserver is a less known web hosting brand that offers some amazing deals that usually go under the radar. For the most part, Interserver has one key feature that makes it cheaper than most other web hosting providers and that's the price lock guarantee. Interserver plans will always cost you the same amount the price you buy their plan for, is the price that is set for your account. That means if you signed up for 4 dollars per month that's what you'll pay until you cancel. 

As far as I know, they're the only company that does this. So, that's why it's super beneficial to buy their plans during promotion periods. For example, during this Black Friday they had a 50% off shared web hosting plans. So, if you buy during the promotion period it doesn't matter that the next month there's no promotion, your plans are still discounted.... for life. 

What are some of Interserver Pricing Data ?

Here is some pricing data if you buy hosting for one year and then you have to renew. I'll be comparing plans that offer unlimited features are not the cheapest ones because Intersever only has one plan and honestly, they're offering way too much for the price that they're charging. 

Hostinger $72 initial price, $90renewal, total cost for 2 years $162 . Interserver $54 initial price, $54 renewal total cost for 2 years $108. SiteGround however, $71 initial price $239 dollar renewal, total cost for 2 years $310 and this is how it would look if we would add another year of renewals on top. And this gap only increases with every single year of renewals.

What is my opinion in Interserver ?

So in my opinion, Interserver is definitely the cheapest long-term solution there is. But let us say you only need web hosting for like a month or 2 ?  Well, my boys at interserver you will be covered as well. You can buy just 1 month of hosting by spending only 5 dollars and renew each month if needed. Again as far as I know, they aelre the only reputable web hosting company that offer monthly plans without a setup fee or an increase in price. 

But how's their performance ?

Well my Interserver website loads in just 0.9 seconds according to GTmetrix which is really close to the fastest web hosting provider I've tested this year A2hosting

Well... last year actually. But what is more their stability is quite impressive during my monitoring period. Interserver achieved a 99.994% up time that means that on average my website should only be down for 2 minutes every month. Interserver also has one of the lowest average response times out of any web hosting provider I've tested before. Just 173 milliseconds. 

Other providers, usually hover at around the 500 milli second mark.That means that not only Interserver is fast and stable they're consistently fast and stable. And that's what you want from your web hosting companies predictability. If you're interested in a more in-depth Interserver review then you may comment below, I will definitely write an article on that.

 But I can't stress enough how much I like Interserver. Not many people know about it they don't spend much on marketing. But they really do care about the customer, they're not money hungry and I do recommend their services. 

Okay, but what if you want to go with the safer choice something a bit more popular something a bit more well known?

 Well, I can only recommend Bluehost. Not because they're extremely cheap. Because in all honesty, they're not when compared to Hostinger or InterServer. And Bluehost gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Since their plans include some extra features to sweeten the deal. Their plans start at $2.75 cents a month you get a freeSSL certificate and a free domain name for the first year. 

How much BlueHost Cost ?

So, a 3-year hosting plan would cost $100 and 1 year plan would cost you $60. Out of all the main stream web hosting choices , Bluehost is definitely the cheapest one and they do offer good performance for the price that you're paying. 

For example, during the speed test my Bluehost website loaded in just 0.7 seconds which is the best result from all of the providers I've tested in this video and this was done with the cheapest plan. Bluehost had an uptime of 99.949% over the last 3 months with no big outages, only small 1 minute or less downtimes. 

If you want to know about bluehost then you may comment below I will write an article on that.  But for now I hope you found this article helpful and you found a web hosting solution that fits you. Without breaking the bank,good luck making your websites.

That's all for today you may share this article with your friends so that they may also get a proper knowledge about web hosting.

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