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I know you need money. Infact we all need money for ourselves. to earn money you need to invest your time. You need to be smart in choosing the right job to start earning. Nowadays for this pandemic which is on the whole world you can earn from online part time jobs. 

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Okay, homemates, in this article, I will discuss about data entry jobs. This is what most of you ask about and want to work as. Most of the Data entry jobs are done online. It is also preferred to do online data entry jobs instead of going to office and just doing the same job which you can do at home online.

Data Entry Jobs from Home is most preferred. Because if you join Office only for Data entry then you have to invest some money and you have to work little harder. So, it is highly recommend that you should do data Entry Jobs from jome.

First, we'll discuss what data entry job is.
There are two types of data entry job. We'll talk about the rate for doing data entry job. Also, where you can find legit data entry jobs. Last but not the least, how to avoid fake data entry jobs?

Table Of Content :
1) What is Data Entry Job ?
2) How much can you earn from Data Entry Jobs ?
3) Where can you find Data Entry Jobs ?
4) How to Avoid Fake data entry jobs ?
5) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Data Entry Jobs ?

 If you're serious to work at home and want to do data entry jobs, read from start to end to learn about how legit data entry jobs work is.

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What's data entry job? How does it work? 

Data entry, data are words and numbers. For example here, Florida bank, cellphone number and emails. These data; names, cellphone numbers, we will enter it to client's database. That's data entry. 

It is not limited to names and cellphone numbers. It can also apply to other products .For example, in an e-commerce store, your client wants you to research about laptops and search for data about those laptops; name and specs of the laptops. And then those data; RAM, specs, CPU, you'll get those data and then enter it to your client's list of laptop. That's why it is called data entry. 

How much income can you get from data entry jobs?

Since this is the easiest skill, it's one of the lowest rate or just minimum when it comes to online jobs. Normally, the rate here is $9 per hour. But there are some clients with lower budget that pays $7 per hour only. $7-$9 per hour is around 100-150 pesos for this type of job. It's not like special skills like SEO that pays up to $7-$15 .

Graphic designers, video editor ($5-$10) This is quite easy, everyone can learn this easily, that's why the rate is not that high. 

Let's discuss the 2 classification of data entry job
First is input (you're actually typing the data) and copy-paste. Copy-paste usually includes researching already. Later, we'll have an actual example of researching and copy-paste data entry job. 

Let's have an example of the first classification, typing the data. 
For example, bank, Philippines, then contact number. You'll type the details yourself. Mostly, these clients are the ones attending seminars, and the people they meet give them calling cards. Client will just take a photo of the calling card and will send it to you. 

For example, sir Adam, there's also address, cellphone number, and email. 

For example this is the client's database, "Adam Flynn". Then contact number 313-555-121. Then you also add his email there. The first type of data entry job is more on pictures. Sending pictures, and then us typing the data.

 Another example, there could be a magazine where it has data about a laptop, electronics, or house sales. What you need to do once the client sent those magazine pages, you'll get the house name, contact and address of that house for sale. Those are the PDF sample, more on pictures that you will manually type to your client's database.

 Another type is what we call transcription. Instead of copying data from pictures, you will type data you hear from audio. That's called a transcription job it's still data entry job, but called transcription job specifically. That's a specialty. But it's still considered data entry, where instead of copying data from pictures, you'll type what you hear from audio. 

The second classification of data entry job is the copy-pasting job. But here in the copy-paste job, it usually includes research too , your client asks you to do research here. For example, your client asks you to find 50 banks in Florida and their number. So here we searched for banks in Florida and contact details, then we click on here. "First Federal Bank" is the name of the bank, you'll then type it there. "First Federal Bank" You'll copy the bank's contact number. And then paste it under the contact number. That's the contact number. 

If the client also needs the email, just copy this and then paste it under the email address list of your client. That's the sample for the second type, which is more on copy-pasting. 

You're copying the data from a website, this includes research too, and then you're pasting it to your client's database. But it's broad, and there are different examples of this too. If you're told of something like "Captcha", that's not a data entry job.

That's not a real job, don't fall into doing it. 

Now you know what data entry is, where can we find clients who give jobs like this? 

We can find one in what we're always mentioning about, freelancing websites. The freelancing website we'll give as an example is Onlinejobs.ph. But there are more freelancing websites where you can get jobs like this. If you want a video specifically about freelancing sites and where else to find clients, comment down "Freelancing Websites". For example in OnlineJobs.ph, search for "Data Entry" or click on the job board. 

In the job board, search for "Data Entry". Here, it's for 125PHP per hour, which is around $8.5 "Data entry from PDF to Excel Spreadsheets into a CRM database." If you see similar terms, consider it legit.

 This is a sample of a legit data entry job. Another sample, data entry admin. Data Operator; responsibilities: collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining acurate records of valuable company. This is what we're explaining earlier. We enter the data to your client's database. It also says here "Accurate records", meaning it should not be inaccurate and rushed work. 

This is a real job, and you can't just play along here. This is a real job. Another example of data entry and this time, the client is in the real estate field. Real estate is about selling houses and lots, buy and sell. 

Skills needed: Excel, it's like GoogleSheets. Computer and basic computer skills too. This is basic kind of job, more on typing

Another example, excellent researcher needed for data entry. Task is to research, just like our sample earlier, 250 crematoriums in Florida, 250 banks in Florida, 250 accounting firms in Florida, and corporate law firms in Florida. 250 details each. This is a copy-paste job and research. 

Usually research only takes copy-paste job after. You're just copying details and entering them to your client's database. That's data entry, but it also includes research. 

The client's budget as you see here is $100, I think this is fixed pricing After getting all these details, client will pay you $100 or 5,000 pesos. If you finish it in an hour, you'll still get $100. If you finish it in 20 hours, you'll still get $100. As long as you finish this 250 each. This is a real data entry job.

 If you apply there and you got hired, this is what you'll be paid for, for a real data entery job. 

What are the disadvantage or cons of a data entry job? Since it's easy and a lot of newbies wanted a data entry job, the competition is high because a lot is applying. For example, in this single job posting, there can be 50-100 applicants who applied here. So for every 10 jobs, there can be upto 100 applicants. 

That's a con, since this job is easy, a lot is applying for this job. The competition here is really high. Another con or disadavantage about this, is it's being used by networking companies, and scammers too are using this as front. 

They use "Data Entry" to get applicants they can scam. 

What's the basic rule to not get scammed in finding data entry jobs? 

1.First, you should not have to pay any fee to start working. No fee for something like workstation, software, $30-$50, no fee to be paid to the client. 

2. Next, you don't need to invite to start working or be able to get paid for your work hours. 

If you think you still need more information, there are many articles that can help you how to work at home, also about freelancing sites, how to get paid, learn about skills, also about the clients, you can read these on how to work at home . 

This one is really important, how to apply for online jobs even without experience. Most people say that online jobs are only for those with experience. I made this article about how you can apply to data entry jobs.

 How to apply even if you don't have experience. If this video was able to help you. This is a real data entry job. I am seeing a lot that just uses the term data entry to promote scams. 

What I gave earlier as samples are the real tasks that you you will do in data entry. 

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