How to Become a Nutritionist [Updated]

This is one of the trending question in today's youngsters is, How to become a Nutritionist ? You have to establish in your life. By this Nutritionist Job you can earn really high. So today we will be talking about, how to become a Nutritionist.

So, I had a friend who would enter the grocery store, pick up food items of two different brands, compare their nutrition labels and after 30 minutes...buy them. 

Now, you may or may not be that obsessed but if food excites you and you want to understand what it does to your body then today's article is for you. Knowledge about food is what the world desperately needs today thanks to problems like Obesity, Hypertension, PCOD... Great time for Nutritionists, bad time for humanity.

 And that is why we have nutritionists who improve the health of millions of people by just changing their food habits because after all, Health is Wealth and if you are a Nutritionist, you can earn both if you are good at it. 

So in today's article we are going to understand : 

1. Who is a Nutritionist and how is it different from being a Dietician?

2. Educational Qualifications you need to have to become a Nutritionist. 

3. College Details and their fee structure.

4. Salary that you can expect after you become a Nutritionist. 

5. But most importantly towards the end, I'll give you a Bonus Tip which is the quickest way to learn about Nutrition even when you don't have a science background.

Let's begin. 

Nutritionists are like Counsellors. They educate people about the quantity of food, type of food so that they eat better specifically to increase or decrease their body weight. Dieticians on the other hand, take care of patients with medical conditions like diabetes, food allergies, cancer, patients recovering from a car accident about what food and supplements to take to recover faster. 

Think of Dieticians as one level above Nutritionists because to become a Dietician, you need to get a Registered Dietician License from the IDA, the Indian Dietetic Association. For example, Rujuta Diwekar's website says that she is a Nutritionist, not a Dietician. 

She did her Post-Graduate in Sports Science & Nutrition which brings us to what to study to become a Nutritionist. 

How to become a Nutritionist ?

First, you need to pass your 10 + 2 with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as your subjects.

 After that, you need to get your Bachelors in Nutrition which is a 3 year long course where you focus on Basics of Nutrition, Human Physiology, Health, Weight-Loss Strategies etc…

Now, after your Bachelors, you can do 2 things ---

1. Get your Masters Degree i.e M.Sc in Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics or you can do P.G Diploma in Nutrition, where you can specialise in Sports Nutrition, Public Health, Paediatric Nutrition etc... and at the end of your Post-Graduation or P.G Diploma, you will be called a Nutritionist

If you want to take it to the next level and become a Dietician then you need to intern for 6-Months and write the Registered Dietician Exam. 

For more details, check out idaindia.com I've left the link in the description. You can apply to colleges like ( India ) :-

 National Institute of Nutrition (Hyderabad), 

SNDT Women's University (Mumbai), 

JD Birla Institute of Home Science (Kolkata), 

Lady Irwin College (New Delhi), University of Madras, University of Mysore etc…

 Entry in these colleges can be based on merit or some of these colleges might have their own entrance exams. So make sure you keep checking their websites to know their exam dates. 

What is the cost of becoming Nutritionist ?

Now Coming to the Fee Structure.B.Sc in Nutrition can cost somewhere between 25 K to 1.5 Lakh INR per year. And M.Sc in Nutrition can cost between 20 K to 3 Lakh INR pear year. It all depends on the college that you get into. As a Nutritionist or a Dietician you can work in both Government Sector or Private Sector. You can work in R&D, Health Care, Teaching & Education Sector, Food Products Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Firms and of course.

Fitness Centres. You can even be self-employed by starting your own consultancy. Your salary can range anywhere between 10K - 50K INR per month or more, depending on your qualification and your company. 

And now, it's time for the Bonus Tip !  Now, suppose you don't have a Science background but want to learn about Nutrition. In that case, your options are... 

1. IGNOU Certification courses like CFN, CNCC which are distance-learning programs. 

2. Nutrition Certifications from ACE, ISSA, Precision Nutrition etc... 

Go to their website, read about them and see if that is what you want to do. 

Now, how are these different from a degree ? 

These certifications teach you the fundamentals of food intake, about Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Body Weight etc... which come in handy if you are already a Certified Fitness Expert and want to offer Nutrition lessons or resources to your clients. 

But you cannot Prescribe, Diagnose or Cure a patient. India is becoming health-conscious these days which is why all these people are jumping in and providing Fat-cutter drinks and fat-diets just to improve their click-rate and make a quick buck. But what will set you apart from these clowns is proper knowledge and experience which only a Certified Dietician or a Certified Nutritionist will have. 

It might take time to get there but in the long run, integrity....always wins

If you have any query regarding this then you make comment or contact us, I will try to solve your query.