Get Free Hotstar cookies and Hotstar Premium account Cookies [Daily Updated]

I hope you have understood by the title, here I will provide you Hotstar Premium Account and Hotstar Cookies without money. Yeah.....Hotstart Premium Account and Hotstar Cookies will be a gift to you from me. With Both, Hotstar Premium Account and Hotstar Cookies you can access Hotstar for free and you can see your own favourite shows on Hotstar.

I know how it feels when you want to watch your favourite shows on a Streaming platform like Hotstar but you are unable to watch those because of its premium subscription. I can understand your feelings because I was also on the same situation where are you now.  

Currently the pricing of Hotstar starts from 199 Rupees per month to upto 1999 annually. It totally depends of your type of Subscription like Premium or VIP and your Package duration.

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So, to easy your burden I have found the ways to access Hotstar Premium without Investing your money. That means you will save your money and you will be able to see Hotstar with Hotstar Premium Account or Hotstar Cookies.

So, there are two ways to Watch Hotstar without Investing money -

1. By The help of Hotstar Cookies
2. From Hotstar Premium Account

I will discuss both these methods here. Feel Relax....I am till now alive. If you follow the Tricks then you can also watch your favourite Hotstar Shows. 

Let's start with the First Method - 
1) Hotstar Cookies :

What are known as Cookies ?
I am 100% sure that not everyone know the meaning of this term but everybody have heard about it. You may see a pop up notification of accepting cookies on any website. Cookies can be described as data packets which are send from the website server to your device. These data packets are saved in your mobile for further visit on that same website. 

How are Hotstar Cookies Benificial ?
To watch your favourite Shows on Hotstar to need to access Hotstar in Premium subscription. So to ease that you can collect the Hotstar Premium Cookies from a Hotstar Premium Subscriber and apply that on your Device. After applying that on your device you will get full access to hotstar premium account. 

How to use Hotstar Cookies ?
After collecting hotstar premium cookies you need to apply on your device. So follow the tips below to apply on a device -
For Mobile Phones -
1 ) You may install any browser which support editing of cookies. An example of those type of browser is Yendex Browser.

2) After installing that browser you have to collect the hotstar cookies. You can easily get hotstar cookies from other websites. Those offer premium hotstar cookies for free. You can get that Hotstar Cookies from,trickswizard.com . You will get the cookies as a text file.

( Note - Read the full method then go to that website and collect those cookies )

3) Now you have to go to the browser and open hotstar web page. After opening that page you will see a setting option on the browser when you can edit cookies. Click on edit cookies and import a file which contains those cookies. 

4) Now after importing the cookies you will see that a new Hotstar premium interface has opened. Congratulations, now you can enjoy watching hotstar.

For Computer Users -
1) If you are a computer user then this task is quite easier from mobile users. You just have to install extension named,"Edit The Cookies" .

2) Don't worry this extension is free to use. After installing the extension you have to download hotstar cookies text file from this website, trickswizard.com

3) now you have to open hotstar webpage on your computer. Then you have to use the edit cookie extension. You have to click on that extension then delete the existing hotstar cookies. After deleting you have to import those Hotstar Cookies which you downloaded.

4) Bingo..!! Your work is done. Now enjoy your hotstar favourite shows.

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Was not the trick Interesting ? Okayyy....if you don't find it interesting ,there is another way to get Hotstar Premium access.
Here I will provide you Hotstar Premium Accounts. 

Here are the premium Hotstar Account, the full credit goes of these premium accounts goes to the respective gmail owners. 

Get those from ,  Here

If you have any query regarding this then you may comment below or you may contact me.  I will try to solve your query.

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