5 Amazing Ways to get Writing Jobs as a Freelancer[2021 Strategies]

 If you are searching in the internet and how to get writing jobs and earn huge I mean really huge then you are on the right place. hair I have discussed the best strategies which you should apply in your freelancing career. 

This is my personal strategies which is really a secret. so it my personal experience I have written this and you should follow this to achieve a position like me. I am hundred percent sure that after reading the full article you will find something knowledgeable which will help you in your career. 

Enjoy reading the article. 

You've been practicing some of your writing skills and now you cannot wait to go out there and get your first freelance writing job. 

What are you going to do? 
Where should you go? 
How do you get that first client, the first couple clients, the first couple gigs? 

Today I'm going to share with you three ways to getting your first freelance writing jobs. 

Way number 1 and that is going to freelance sites. There's so many freelance sites on the internet. Guru.com, iwriter.com , freelancer.net, Upwork  of course. There are so many of them that you could just go on there and set up your only the profile and right there start bidding on jobs. And depends on your expertise and what area you want to focus on in copywriting. It's a simple way to, kind of, get your feet wet, right? 

Get your foot in the door. Build that portfolio, right? Start accumulating some little bit of experience just to get it going. Always remember that your worst client is probably your first client. It is okay. As you learn, as you get experience, you will get better. So, don't worry too much. I am much more concerned you getting into the game. Get in the game first, right? And that's okay. There's one problem with that approach because when you go to those sites you're seen as a commodity, right. 

That's like, you know what, you're just a writer and you're writing and that's okay. I'm choosing you, I'm choosing him, between you and everybody else and how much you charge and how much she charges, how much he charges and all of that. So, you don't have a lot of power and it's very, very difficult to make a great income. You'll make a, you know, okay, decent amount of income, little bit of side income,but it's very difficult to get to what I call a high income level. 

And that's fine, that's what most people do, but I don't like to do what most people do. I don't know about you. That's not what I did to get my copywriting career started. Because at the time these sites weren't  available, right. Most people trying to compete being a commodity, right. I don't like to do that. Here's what I like to do. We're gonna go big. 

Way number two, shadow under a successful copywriter. That's what I did. I found my mentor, my very first mentor, Alan. He's a very, very successful copywriter. In fact, back then Alan, he would not pencil. He would not write a sales letter unless he believed that sales letter, that campaign would generate at least a million dollars or more. 

Now imagine that, he wouldn't write anything if he didn't believe what he wrote would produce at least a million dollars or more in revenue. That is amazing, right. It was such a huge amount of money back then when I was learning copy writing and learning from him. So, I shadowed under my copywriting mentor. So, I was learning from him. He would teach me, he would critique my work, he would look at what I do, he would give me ideas, he would recommend hey,study this, study that. That is good and that is not good and that's how I got going. 

And what happens is,there were a lot of people that were hiring Alanto write copy, right. And he would have me do a certain chunk, small chunks, just to get some experience and later on what I realize is because for someone who is successful, there are a lot of people that would approach them, but they charge a certain price, like certain price. And a lot of clients coming in, they are not able to afford that price.

 So, what do they do? They would just usually turn them away, but when they have an apprentice, like you and me, a lot of those work that they don't want to take on 'cause it's not worth the time, it gets flowed through you. They would pass those work to you and say, "Hey, I don't want to write this 'cause it's "not worth my time. "They can't afford to hire me, but if you want to take "this on then you could." And that's exactly how I got those clients and with my mentors endorsement. And he would help me here and there, right. And that's how I got my first field copywriting clients. I didn't go to these freelance sites. 
So, that's way number two.

  Way number three, this is genius. This is what people don't understand. You see, most writers, most copywriters, they're getting going,they're getting started, but they don't have a portfolio. They don't have a lot of track record, they don't even have a lot of experience and they are co-emailing, ihey're sending inquiries to people and say, "Hey, hire me. "I can write your copy." I can do this, I can do that. Well, how do I know as an entrepreneur, as a company, I don't know what you could do. How could I trust you? I cannot. So, instead of doing that,trying to spam people, trying to get work, because when you do that what you're asking is this. You're asking the client to bare all the risk.

 To take all the risk into shoulders and say, "Hey, I'm gonna give you a shot. "I'm gonna pay you." If it doesn't work out, who's lost? It's the clients loss. That does not work. You want to reverse the risk. So, here's what you do and it's what exactly what I did. Not only I was getting some referrals from my mentor, Alan, 'cause I was working under him, working with him, within his company. Those work gets passed down to me. 

I also selectively went after certain companies and certain entrepreneurs that I know that are influential. So, here's what I did. At a time, Jay Conrad Levinson, the father, the god father of Guerrilla Marketing. If you've seen some ofJay's work, he's written on series of books on marketing for small business owners. And Jay, he's sold million and millions of books in so many different languages, worldwide. At that time, Jay, had a membership site called Guerrilla Marketing Association.

 So, here's what I did. I followed his work, I read his book, I studied his market. Look at what he does.

 I rewrote the entire sales pitch and then just sent it to him. And here's what it said. I said, "Jay, I am a big fan of your work. "I read all your books. "I really admire what you've done. "I saw your page for your membership "for your Guerrilla Marketing Association. "I think that I find a couple things that maybe "I could make it better, I don't know. "Obviously, you are the expert, you are the master. "I'm just a young copywriter,but here's something "that I wrote that may would help you." Didn't ask anything, I was adding value in advance. He looked at it and he would reply and say, "Hey, this is great. "I'm gonna run with it." And I told him, in the email, P.S. you don't have to pay me at all. I don't want anything from you. He took that page, he uploaded it.

 It tripled his conversion. Tripled his conversion, do you know what that means? That means, now the same page with the same traffic, now is generating three times more sales because of what I wrote. He was so happy, he was so grateful. He said, "What you've done, it's great." Not only he gave me a testimonial, number one, he started referring me yo other business owners.

Now I'm endorsed. In my early 20s with not a lot of experience, now I'm endorsed by the father, the godfather of guerrilla marketing with so many fans around the world and that's how I grew my portfolio. That's how I grew my client base. 

So, don't do what most people do. Try to get something for nothing. Trying to get money in advance, no. Add value in advance before you ask anything in return. Use this strategy when you can selectively, strategically choose someone that who you want to work with. 

Hey, are you gonna be taken advantage by some people? Absolutely, you will. I did. Is that okay? Yes, because you're starting off with nothing anyway. No one is paying you,but if you get that one or two or three good clients and assuming that you're good, you do that, add value in advance, they'll either say, "Thank you so much", they might give you a testimonial. Even if they don't get you a testimonial, guess what? You're gaining experience or better yet, they look at what you do and you're really good, they'll say, "I wanna hire you." Now you have your client. You see how simple that is?

 Don't do what most people do. Got it? So, those are the three ways to getting your first freelance writing jobs. Now, I go much more in depth with this, about how copywriting works and how do you actually become a high income copywriter. Not a struggling copywriter, but a high income copywriter. 

There's a whole world of exciting opportunities out there for copywriters and may be you are thinking which path that you should decide. There are so many exciting opportunities for copywriters and done right, this could be a very, very lucrative career for you, but so many people don't know. And fact is, one kind of copy, a particular kind of copy right now, that's high in demand, that most people don't even know it yet. 

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