Adaa Khan Boyfriend,Age, photos- 23 Unknown Facts

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Adaa Khan Lifestyle

Who is Adaa Khan ?

Adaa khan was featured in a Punjabi pop song called Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan by Hapee Singh. She received wide spread acclaim for her villainous turn as Amrit in the TV serial Amrit Manthan And now Adaa khan is making waves for her role in Naagin which has brought her widespread recognition.

Today we are documenting Adaa khan biography and life before fame.

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Full Bio Of Adaa Khan :

Adaa Khan Profession - Actress

Adaa Khan Age  - 31 Years as of 2020

Adaa Khan Instagram - adaakhann

Adaa Khan Husband - Unmarried

Adaa Khan Boyfriend - Ankit Gera

Adaa Khan Height - 163 cm

Adaa Khan Weight - 55 Kg

Adaa Khan Religion - Islam

Adaa Khan Nationality - Indian

When was Adaa Khan Born ? Where was Adaa Khan Born ?

Adaa khan was born on 12 May 1989 in Mumbai,Maharashtra. She is the only daughter in her family with two brothers. She was brought up in Bandra in Mumbai. 

What was Adaa Khan's Childhood Dream ?

 She also used to be a tomboy and had never thought of becoming an actress as a child. Adaa Khan was very shy when she was a kid.

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What is Adaa Khan's Education Qualifications ?

She did her graduation in English Literature and she is also having her master's degree in Sociology.

She used to take part on many cultural activities in her college like Dancing and also in doing drama acts.

Adaa Khan Biography

Adaa Khan Career :

 In fact, her first ad was a stroke of luck where she was offered her first print ad for Pantaloons out of the blue. But before this she started her career in India's film industry from Modelling and also from advertising. She has been appeared in many advertising platforms. 

In her earlier stage she did advertisement in many brands of Clothings and also on Electronic Products. These small Advertisement gave her a boost in her career. Adaa had appeared in TV commercials for GodrejNo.1, Tide Naturals and Havells Bulbs. 

One day suddenly her friend took her for a auditions of a tv program and surprisingly she was selected. This was the turning point in her career. She made her acting debut with Sony and TVshow Palampur Express in 2009. 

Adaa Khan Career Peaks : 

In 2010, Adaa Khan was selected to play the supporting role of Aakashi in the TV series Behenein on Star Plus. Adaa also started appearing in smaller roles in several TV shows including shows like Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Crime Patrol, Code Red and SavdhaanIndia. Her big break came in the series Amrit Manthan On LifeOK. The show was the story of bond between two sisters Nimrit and Amrit where Adaa played the role of antagonist Amrit. 

Adaa Khan Family

She also lost her mother during this period. Her most popular role however came as one of the leads in the TV show Naagin where she plays the character Shesha. She along with Mouni Roy is the star of the highly acclaimed show.

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 And now she has also bagged a role in the show 'Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil'  and is surely on a career high. This is RannyGazoo and we are doing videos on Live before the fame of famous people.

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