PSI full form || Full Details about PSI,All you need to know

Table of Content :
1) What is the full form of PSI ?
2) Brief details about the full of PSI
3) Full form of PSI in different fields

What is the full form of PSI ?

There are many full forms of PSI. The word PSI is used in many sense. So here I have listed 3 main full forms of PSI. 
Read below to know the 3 main full forms of PSI.

1) The full form of PSI is Pound per Square Inch

Here PSI stands for Pound per Square Inch. PSI is used as a unit of pressure. One  pound force can be defined when and weight of one pound acts by the surface or area of one square inch. This term is related to Physics. So by this we can say that PSI is a unit which measures the amount of force exerted over a square inch area. 

1 PSI is equal to 1 lb (pound)/ 1inch2

2) The full form of PSI can also be related as Police Sub - Inspector

You can also relate PSI as Police Sub Inspector. This term is related to Indian administrative service. This is a post higher in Police services in India.

3) The full form of PSI is Population Services International

Here PSI stands for Population Services International. It aims at improving the health of people of different countries globally in many developing countries. They provide clinical service and also give life saving drugs like HIV, diarrhoea ,malaria etc. They also help people understand the benefit of small families. 
its headquarter is situated in Washington DC and serves for more than 60 different countries. 

History :
PSI was founded in 1970. At its initial stage it worked only for educating people in planning family and benefits of having small family. Then gradually they introduced rehydration therapy ,safe water, HIV drugs medicines of diarrhoea and polio. Later on there also introduced tuberculosis in its service. 

Do PSI provide support in India ?

Yes, PSI came to India at 1988. It has stressed its arm across 20 states of India and has more than 1000 stuffs working with it. 

It helps India in treating the major following diseases :
1) In HIV
2) In Diarrhoea
3) In Malaria
4) In Tuberculosis
5) In Child Saving etc.

These are all the main full forms of PSI which you should know. There may be any other full forms too but those are not used frequently. 

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