Top 10 Amazing Online Part time Jobs for Students - Start Online Earning

Table of Content :
1)  What are the best ways to earn from online part time jobs ?
2)  What would be the salary ?
4)  What is my personal Earning ?
3)  Can you become professionals in that job ?

Okay....Realx....I know you need money, you are in search of a online part time job. But have you questioned yourself , in what field am I expert at ? 

Leave it....you don't have to be very expert at any field. All you need is basic education. I hope that you all know the basic english.

If no, okkayy no problem, I think you are expert atleast in you mother language. That's enough. There are many online jobs which require you and your mother language.

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Believe me there are many career prospects in online field. The only thing which people fail is to get in the correct track. They always move in the wrong track and fails. This is one of the reason for the rise in growing unemployment all around the world. 

Today in this blog you will get all your answers and ideas about Online part time jobs.

Do you really want to earn money from online part time job ?

Then you are on the right place.
I know that everybody needs money.
Money is precious. There is no job in the world by which you will earn without working hard and Smartly.
If you are a student then I know that you are very excited to earn money online by doing a part time job. As you are a student then you have to do that work along with your studies. 
Doing work along with your studies is not too tough nor easy. But it is possible to start your earning but working online.
You don't need to take too tension that you have to work very hard. Here in this post you will see amazing part time online job ideas which will help you a lot in earning.

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Can we later be an expert in these jobs ?

Later on you can make this as your career if you become an expert in these jobs. Being a expert on these jobs is not a hard task. Gradually by doing these jobs you will definitely be a expert but its fully your choice upon your career. You have to choose your career according to your choice.

What would be my earning or my salary in these online part time jobs ?

This is the one and only question which will surely come to your mind. Getting Money or Salary is the only motto of every Online part time jobs. Somewhere from 8000 rupees to 35000 rupees. Your online earning or Salary depends on your work, the time you give , your expertise and the type of work. 

What is my personal Earning ?

In my experience of earning and what I have seen my friend's earning , in an average we earn a minimum of 9,800 Rupees. Sometimes it drops to 7,500 rupees and sometimes it rises upto 11,000 rupees. 

But keep in mind that our earning is not from a particular site. It is our total earning from two or three online jobs. Hardly I invest only 2 hours per day and 5 days per week in this jobs. 
And if you wish to earn more than you have to obviously invest more time and more number of days per week. 

But what I have observed ,is that you can be a professional in these jobs and believe me, you can set up your own office and can give jobs to others too...
But whatever it may be it's your choice of earning.

What are the main Online Part time Jobs for students and also for others ?

Now let's come to the main topic. This is the main question of our blog. There are various ways for everybody to on online via part time jobs. You can also do them as your full time job and increase your earning. There is no minimum or maximum criteria to get those jobs.

The jobs which I am going to tell you may not be for all but one or the other is for you.

Here is the list of the amazing, awesome part time jobs with a brief description. Lets start - 

1) Amazon Mechanical Turk - Also known as Amazon MTurk. I will keep this at the top because this is my favourite way of Earnings. Here you will get projects to complete. Those projects are from different software industries. 
Now, don't take tension about those projects. Completing those projects is not a rocket science. 

Those project are very simple to do. There are various types of projects in Amazon MTurk like Surveys, writing articles , analysing various data from the internet etc. I think you all know about surveys. This is one of the best source of income for a teenage boy also. In these surveys, you have to give your opinion in a short answer. In most of the cases you have to give answers of multiple choice questions. 

Those questions are very simple, those questions are from your daily life . You will be given a time to answer a survey. That time maybe from one day to 5 days. and if you complete one survey then you will be credited with $5 in your Amazon pay balance. Then later on you can redeem that amount from Amazon pay balance to your bank account. It's that simple. From this you can earn up to 15000 rupees per month. Your only will always depend on your time investment on you work.

2) Market Research - Relax.... The job is not so complicated as it sounds. You just have to help market research companies to complete their work. There are many market research companies which are hiring today's youth for their daily work. People can do those who work from their home and at any time. You just have to make a account on that company's website and join their partner program. It's that simple. Monthly your minimum salary would be 8000 rupees.
If you don't want take the headache off your boss then there's a another way of earning from market research organisations. You have to join their companies and complete their market research. Everyday they will send you a survey of various length. Here length means of time. Every survey you complete you will gain points. 
1 point is equals to 1 rupees. The minimum point of a survey is 50 points. That means you will give 50 rupees for every survey you complete. You can complete five Surveys per day. It depends upon you. The more surveys you complete the much amount you get paid.
You will get paid via gift cards,bank balance or through Paytm or PhonePe or Google pay.

3) Freelancing - The work is very simple as the word is. You can do those works in your free time at any moment. You just have to make your profile in some freelancing websites and then your earnings will start gradually. There are many feel answering websites in internet but the best is best. 

The best freelancing websites are Fiverr and Freelancer as the name suggest. Here you will get your clients for whome you will work for. You can work for -
1) Photo Editing
2) Infographics
3) Poster Making
4) Graphics Designing
5) Content Writing

Among these photo editing , poster making, content writing is the most trending . Nowadays every professional blogger is searching for content writers. In the job of content writing,you just have to write an article from 1500 words to 2000 words. By this you can earn a lot. For every article you write you will get paid a minimum of 350 rupees per article. By this you can earn 1000 rupees per day only by investing few hours of your time. By photo editing and poster making you will earn but not like of content writing. 

Don't worry.... There is no ways of cheating. You definitely get paid for your work. These websites collect the amount from your clients in advance and they will give you after you submit your work. So there is no way of getting cheated. 
And in an estimate if you work for 1 hours a day and four days per week then you will earn a minimum of 10000 rupees per month.

4) Chegg - I would keep this in the fourth position. This is a platform where you can teach us student lessons online. You just have to register as a teacher and you have to give your qualification. And also you have to pass a test which day will conduct for you to give you a position as a teacher. 
The test is very simple, it is only for testing your general knowledge and believe me you all can pass that test. 

After giving the test you will be qualified as a teacher and you have to fix a time so that you will give online lecture to your students. Your students may vary in any age range. But I would recommend you to be alert teacher of school students. You will be offered your salary monthly. 

The minimum salary you will get is 13000 rupees per month only by spending 2 hours a day and 4 days per week. Is not it interesting ?

5) Selling Photos - Yes, you can earn very high by selling your photos. I think you everybody have photos in a mobile which you capture from our mother nature. 
Do you know the photos of mother nature can be very high up to 5000 rupees per photo ?
Your photos can be sold worldwide. So you can think that you will earn a very high amount in a single month. All you need a collection of nature photos. if you have a good collection of nature photos then I can guarantee you that you will on very high per month. 
You don't have to worry, your photos will quickly be sold as they will be available worldwide. All you have to do is, register yourself in Shutterstock Contributor or in Adobe, and then you have to upload your photos in your account giving a good title and description. And then you have to select the price of your photo. Within 2 days your photos will be sold. This is the most interesting part of this category. 

Whenever you reach $35 in your Shutterstock Contributor account then you will be able to retain that in a paypal or bank account. I can guarantee  you that if you upload 3 photos per week then you will reach $35 milestone in just three weeks. 

So on an average in Indian currency you will earn a minimum of  10,000 rupees per month.

6) Blogging - I hope that everybody have heard this word before. This means that you have to post a article in your website and you will start your earning from Google AdSense and from Affiliate Programs. By the way there are many other good sources of income from blogging. This is one of the most growing career of today. Nowadays everybody is willing to come in blogging field. 

The work is very simple. You have to make a article of around 1,500 to 2,000 words and post it on your blog or website. For starting this you may buy a domain and hosting. Blogging means investment. 
There is a another way to start blogging without investment. You can try Google product, Blogger to start blogging. After around four to six months of blogging you will get your blog approved for AdSense. That means that you will start earning from the next month. Here your earning who is always vary. You mahan $200 in the first month and also you may earn $50 in the second month. 

It all depends on your quality of content and your popularity. In blogging you need patience. It is not a field that you will work for 16 hours a day and not the next morning you will see the result. For result  you have to wait for 4 months for an article to rank in Google. And after ranking your Earning will boost up. And you will earn more higher than previous.

So these are the best online part time jobs for students and also for everybody. Everybody can learn from these jobs. 
I hope I am able to make you understand about the the amazing online part time jobs. So, what are you waiting for...go and start your online earning from today. 
One day you will definitely be rich.

Also share with your friends...let them also know the best online part time jobs which they can do and earn like you.

If you have any query regarding this then you may comment below. I will try to solve your query.

Thank you.........

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