Low Price Mart-Shopping App||Full Review

Online Shopping has grown to a large extinct. Nobody can deney it. During the past five years it has grown at a astounding pace. 

Many other foreign online shopping companies has invaded India and has grown their marketplace and also their business. Its like the foreign companies has looted India's resources. 

But they are foreign Indian companies that have helped India in development. Yeahh.... exceptions are always there. 

There are many online shopping platforms in India like Flipkat, Amazon , Myntra etc. There are also many best shopping platforms that have recently emerged and are growing at a good rate.

One of its example is Low-Price Mart , Shopping App .... What makes us proud is , this shopping platform is completely based on Indian products and is made in India. Is not it Amazing ? 

You can download Low-Price Mart, Shopping app , from Here

Special Features - This really has many special features. By the word special features I mean, Cash on Delivery, Easy Returns, 24X7 Customer Support , Full Refund on Returns.

This is the first Interface of this App....

As the name suggest, Low Price Mart, it is really having a very low Price Products of prestigious brands. 

This app is very light as it consists less than 20 MB while downloading and acquire less than 50MB in mobile. So, it can be easily stated that this app can be used on any mobile of different RAM. 

The SignUp process in this app very easy. All you need is your Indian mobile number. Unlike other apps it does not need your email for signing up. Only OTP is needed for a valid sign up for you in this app. 

How to SignUp ?

1) Download The app and Open it.
2) Go to your Profile Section.
3) Fill up the boxes with your Valid Indian Mobile Number.
4) Then you will receive a OTP.
5) Fill up the section of OTP and then proceed Further. 
6) Congrats...you are successfully signed Up. 

Does this app have any Special Features like other Online Shopping Platforms ? 

Yes. Unlike other shopping platforms this app has crazy special deals. Believe me, its amazing to say that, you will get a discount on every products. And The deals are awesome. For new users there are many crazy deals. You will be love in it. 

Along with these crazy deals it also offers Free Delivery , Cash On Delivery , Full Customer Support and a good return policy with full refund of the price.

What type of Categories are there in this App ?

Although its a online shopping platform, it has every category which are normal person needs. It can fulfill your every demand at a very low notable price. The Categories are -
Women Clothings
Men Clothings
Baby and Kids accesories
Home and Living accessories
Mobile and Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Many more........

Is it easy to use ?

Yeah. Its super easy to use. Moreover doesn't need any special knowledge to handle this. It has its Customer support to help us in any need. 

Here is how the amazing Deals look Like....

What type of payment options does it provide ?

It provide payment options like Cash On Delivery , Credit Card , Debit Card, VISA , E-Wallet like Rupay etc......

Special Offers - Big Deals and Offers are listed every Month. There are Weekend Sale every Week and Mega Sale every Month. 

Here you will get Free 30 Days Exchange and returns, express delivery for selected Pincodes , you can track your order easily with just a simple click. 

Lowest Price is always Guarenteed....

There are latest trends available on this app with the greatest deals available on the internet. You will surely Love it. 

If you have any query regarding this then you make comment below. I will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

Have a Nice Day.....