Awesome way to get Paytm cash ( Proof added )

Topic : How to get Paytm Cash ?

If you are browsing through internet in search of a trick by which we can get free Paytm cash then you are on the right place. I know that in other websites you have seen that they give some trick but those are not applicable to all. There are many ways by which you can get free Paytm cash but the genuine ones are rare. 
There are many apps on the Play Store which promise to give you Paytm cash but on the time of giving they denies.

Getting free Paytm Cash isn't easy. You have to invest your time to get this. To be true nothing is for free on this earth. In this process you have to invest some of your time to get this.

Here I will share with one best way by which you can get 300 rupees Instant Paytm Cash. You have to reedem the amount instantly after receiving.The process which I am going to share with you is 100 % legal. But you have to be alert in doing this trick. 
But remember,by this process you can earn a maximum of 1200 Rupees.

It's impossible to earn more than 1200 Rupees because in your process if you try to get more than 1200 rupees you will be banned from getting more. They will catch you before you make more. There are many ways to earn free Paytm cash. 
In this trick you can instantly redeem your free Paytm cash. By this process you can also get free Amazon Gift Card and also free Flipkart Gift Card So, that means you can get money in any preferred way you want. 

So today I am going to share with you one best way by which you can earn up to 1200 rupees. Read the following article correctly so that you may not miss any step. If you miss any step then you may not get a single penny.

Here is the Proof ,
The Panel Station - Go to Google and search for The Panel Station. The Panel Station  is the leading market research company of India. This company gives the opportunity to every normal person to take part in their surveys. You get paid for completing surveys. 

But here is a the trick .....

1)You have to go to the official page and signup with your name. Remember, you have to give your age in the range of 40 to 45. If you give your age above 40 then you will receive more relevant surveys frequently. 

2) I would recommend you to give your gender as female. because if you give a gender as female then you may receive more surveys which are very easy like of household. You will also receive your service frequently if you give your gender as female. 

3) You should give your location of a Metropolitan City like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai or Kolkata. if you give a location of it is then you may also get stuffs for free. 

4) Now you have to complete your profile as per I have told you above. Then you have to give your employment as a Service Women. Giving your employment status as a Service Women gives you more opportunities to get more surveys. 

5) After filling up your full profile you will see that you have received more than Thousand Points. If you use a referral code then you will receive 500 points more. So, at last you will see that you have received more than 1500 points. 

6) Now you have to do a minimum of one survey. After doing the survey you will notice that you have got more than 1900 points. Now, you need to create one more account from your same mobile but from different browser. 

7) Now on your new account give your existing referral code. Instantly you will recieve 600 points. So, all total you have 2500 points. Having 2500 points is a very good. 

8) Now you have to do a survey on your new account. After you do your first service on a new account you will get 500 points extra on your old account. 
Congratulations you have received 3000 points all total.

3000 points means 300 rupees. Now you can redeem this 300 rupees in any MI preferred mode like Amazon gift card or Paytm cash or Flipkart Gift voucher. 
By using this process you can get up to 1200 rupees.

Is not it interesting ?

Conclusion - So what are you waiting for go to Google and try this. I am hundred percent sure that you will receive your free Paytm cash.
Start receiving your money on Paytm. 
I hope that you will receive the full amount.

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