7 Amazing Freelancing Jobs in India

Hey Guys….I know that we all need money. Money is not everything but we need money. As the population is growing unemployment is also growing. So you must not depend on others for your jobs or for Earning. In recent days freelancing has grown a lot .

 If we think of next 2 years, then freelancing Business will hit the global market. In freelancing you are your own boss. You work according to your time. There is no need of other stuffs as well. Feelancing business is continuously growing and I would recommend you to start this and earn high as much as possible.

 I have put together a list of seven of the in demand freelance field of Freelancing Busisness and Analyst  that you may want to focus on in the new year to expand on your services, land more customers, find more gigs, and even increase your rates.

 So, number one is content writer. This certainly isn't something new, but it's something that's always expanding. And it's always evolving. And it's a great opportunity for a lot of you who are looking for something really flexible. Unlike things like customer service or even some of your social media jobs, content writing is really something that can be done anywhere,anytime.

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 And almost on any device. There are lot of content writer but still there is a lack of this freelance Buissness. They works according to their time like evenings, overnight . So this is something that can really be done on your own time as long as you're able to meet those deadlines. And as I said it's something that's always evolving.

 While you may be automatically thinking that content writing means writing blog posts or writing articles, these days it can also mean writing e-books or helping to write the content for an online course. It could mean writing the weekly email newsletters that a website is sending out. It could also mean the social media updates that they're putting out. 

Any means of communication that is written,someone has to be typing that up, in order for it to be published online. And that opens up a huge opportunity for a lot of people that are looking to work from home and work from home on flexible schedule. A lot of training isn't going to be involved. You just need to have great grammar and English skills in order to land those jobs.

 Another one that I wanted to talk about today,that we're seeing a lot more buzz about in the online world, is project management. As website owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, blogger are expanding their offerings into things like product launches,e-book creation, speaking engagements, those kind of things, they need somebody who can oversee all of those projects. And a project manager, they may outline the timeline of tasks that need to be done, they may be in charge of outsourcing and hiring the people that are actually going to do those tasks. 

And they may just be in charge of making sure that everything is getting done on time. They may be booking events, booking locations,making those contacts. So those are all things that can be done by a project manager, and as someone in that industry, as I go to the person, you're obviously going to be able to decide what your job is going to entail, and what you can offer to your clients. So that's definitely something to look into if you are looking for something a little more outside of the box. Also this year, we are going to see more of a  demand for social media managers. This is something that's really come up in the last couple of years. Social platforms are always changing their algorithms, and the things that they're looking for, and that can put a lot of pressure on business owner. 

To try to keep up with those things, to try to make sure that their reach is always expanding, that they're reaching the people that they need to reach, that they are generating some engagement, and those click through back to their website, and that's something a social media manager can handle. The social media manager may also be in charge of some of the customer service aspects there as well. If people are leaving comments, or they’re sending private messages, those are things that are handled by that person. Along those same lines, Facebook ads. 

We've heard, these came online a couple of years ago, there's been a lot of buzz behind it, but the thing about Facebook's ads is that they take a lot to be profitable. So anybody can throw some money over there,but for it to get to be generating the kind of results that a person needs, there's really a lot involved, as far as audience targeting and creating graphics and that messaging that's going to make a difference. And that's something that we are seeing a lot of, Facebook ad managers pop up and that is just solely what they do. They're really focused and therefore they'reable to ask for a lot higher of a rate, than just a social media manager is even able to ask for. So that's definitely something to look into if you are really someone that's passionate about Facebook. 

The last one that I wanted to talk to you about today is a bookkeeper. Now bookkeeping is a little different from accounting in that you don't necessarily need that accounting degree. Bookkeepers oftentimes are just entering data into accounting software. They may be categorizing income and expenses. They may be running some reports as far as where a business is at. 

And as we see a lot more solo-pruners, entrepreneurs, home business owners making the transition to working at home, there's a lot more of that demand, because while we may like to make money, and save money, and spend money, a lot of us really don't like to deal with the nuts and bolts of our money as far as categorizing things and make sure that receipts are scanned and everything is ready to go come  tax time. So that's something that a bookkeeper can do. And as I said it doesn't require that accounting degree, you don't need to be a CPA or a tax professional or any of those things to get involved in that field. And that goes for all of those that I mentioned here today. 

All of those things can be learned online. And on your own time. Those are skills that you can easily pickup by one of the many trusted resources out there that will teach you the skills that you need to make that transition, from maybe a job into creating a freelance business that’s truly about things that you're passionate about and about the kind of work that you want to do. And especially if you're a person that really wants to feel that you're making a difference. 

Freelancing is definitely something that can give you that sense of satisfaction, and that you're helping someone else achieve their dreams while you are achieving your own and Earning money. There are also many other ways to earn from freelancing Buissness. 

At the end of the money matters. So whatever you do you should be consistent in that. I am 100% sure that you will definitely succeed if you follow these buissness . It’s very obvious that there are many other ways to earn from Freelancing but these Ways are the most preferable and there is no such hard competition to get established.

This is not the end brother. There are many more to discuss about this topic. I will be soon publishing more articles similar to this. So, share this article...let others know the best possible ways.

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