Bolo Indya-India's Video Sharing and Earning App||Alternative of Tik Tok

Topic : Bolo Indya, an Indian Application

After the banning of Tik tok,a Chinese app, many Indian video sharing social apps where gaining its popularity. Bolo Indya, Roposo, Chingari are some of them.
Indian peoples are in search of this type of platforms to publish their content. 

The special thing is, users can be a professional in this platform and can earn as much as they want. 


Bolo Indya was founded by Varun Saxena.
Varun Saksena the founder of Bolo Indya, in a interview in BW business world, says about company's inception, its competitors and its expansion plans. 

This platform was officially launched on 11th May 2019.

Empowering a common man from India to make himself a knowledgeable star,is Bolo Indya's mission. Bolo Indya influences people to make videos on the knowledgeable talent and to make them public. 

Users are allowed to make videos on any knowledgeble topic they like. Its motto is to to spread knowledge throughout India.
It can also generate revenue for all stars in Bolo Indya. They also offer Refer and Earn program. Thier Refer and Earn program is very simple. 

You just have to share this website with anyone in your contact list. Whenever he or she download this you you will get a 10 Rupees Commission. If your friend keeps it for more than three days then you will get more.

This app is having its own inbuilt which studio,which offers a high quality video editing. In this platform more than 400000 videos have been created. it has already reached more than 100000 active users per month and more than 43000 daily active users. 
In this platform it is estimated that 7 crores time the videos have been shared.

This platform offers video content in 10 different Indian languages. Hindi,English, Bengali, Tamil are some of those. It has also introduced its monetization policy since June 2020. 

The community of Bolo Indya is strengthening day by day. Its user is continuously increasing. So,we can say that at this time on July 2020 , this platform is at its highest peak. And we can hope that this perform you will also gain popularity in its future. 

It is estimated that more than 53.6 crore Indian users will join till 2021. It is little less than India's population. And the interesting fact is, more than 45 crores of user will be the consumer of short videos.

Now let's come on the main topic. 
How can you earn from Bolo Indya as a video creator ? The answer is very simple. it is having certain criteria which you must follow to start your earning. The criteria are very easy to follow. I have listed those below. You can only on if you are a video creator. 

The policy of monization in Bolo Indya is in effect from June 1, 2020

Users should have the following number of Followers for becoming eligible for their payment payout :

1. It is compulsory to have 16,000 Followers ( Only for English and Hindi creators)

2. It is compulsory to have 6,000 Followers ( Only for Tamil and Telugu creators)

3. It is compulsory to have  3,000 Followers ( Only for creators from all languages except English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu)

For creators who qualify followers count critera, criteria of monthly views on videos would be considered.

1. Minimum of 1,00,000 monthly views on the channel for normal user is required.

2. Minimum of 2,00,000 monthly views on the channel for popular user is required.

3. Minimum of 4,00,000 monthly views on the channel for superstar user is required.

For creators who qualify monthly views count critera, criteria of meeting monthly playtime on videos would be considered.

1. The Hindi and English Creators should have minimum 40 hours of video playtime. 

2. The Tamil and Telugu creators should have minimum of 15 hours of video playtime. 

3. And all other language creators (apart from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu) should have 10 hours of video playtime .

Payout also varies on video vitality , its topic and also the quality of video shared :

1. It is expected to get INR 3,000 to INR 10,000 per month for a regular creator.

2. It is expected to get INR 5,000 to INR 30,000 per month for Star Bolo Indyan.

3. It is expected to get INR 7,000 to INR 75,000 per month for Super Star Bolo Indyan.

Bolo Indyan creators should be active on this app for atleast 21 days in a month for getting their payout approved and credited.

Users can also be made the part of Bolo Indya Brand Collaborations and Content Marketing initiatives through which additional earning upwards of INR 10,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month can be made.

It is strongly recommend to the creators for asking their friends to download the app, follow them on Bolo Indya and play their videos for more playtime. You can use whatsapp, telegram, facebook,twitter and instagram story share options to make your videos popular and attract your friends to come on Bolo Indya and follow you.

Gifts based on Popularity of Video Content :

Bolo Indya creators will win special gifts every quarter based on the popularity of their video content. For this, their team will reach out one to one to the winners.

Bolo Actions are one of the top 3 parameters which are considered by the app algorithm to make a india video creator move to a Star Bolo Indyan category.

Higher Bolo Actions helps to boost your visibility in the feed of users who are following your category.

The creators who are having a high Bolo Actions are offered Gifts, Cashbacks and also with Gift Vouchers.

These was all the features of Bolo Indya app . 

If you have any query during this then you may comment below and I will try to solve your query.

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