Roposo App-Video Sharing and Earning Platform of India || Alternative Of TikTok

Roposo is a video sharing platform , Made In India. It has already crossed 50 Million downloads in India. Its made in India,you must use it.

TikTok became very popular app in India. It was extending its height continuously.TikTok is now banned in India as it was programmed in China. Due to rise in conflict between India and China.

 Indian Goverment has taken this step to reduce high risk of Cyber Attack. 
India has banned 58 Chinese apps along with TikTok. Now you cannot find TikTok anymore in PlayStore.

You can say this as a alternative of TikTok. It was facing a high competition with TikTok

The main thing is that , you can actually earn money from Roposo. You don't need certain criteria like TikTok to start earning. 

( I have mentioned the ways of earning from Roposo at the end,must read that )

Roposo is a similar video sharing platform like TikTok. You can express yourself via homemade videos on different topics like fashion,food, music,comedy,dance and many more. 
Roposo was first introduced as a special edition on Indian Independence Day 2016. 

Roposo Interface

It is almost same like TikTok. There are very few differences between them. Many other video sharing and creating platforms are also emerging like Chinghore, Mitron , Bolo Indiya and also Rizzle.

You can get Roposo from PlayStore and also from AppleStore. It is available in both iOS and Android. It is available in 15 different languages of India. It supports all Indian Culture. 

History - Roposo was initially launched in 19th November 2014. And it was released stable at 10th June 2020. Its founders are - Mayank Bhangadia
Avinash Saxena
Kaushal Shubhank
They are all from IIT , Delhi.

Its headquarter is in Gourgaum, Haryana in India

You can earn a lot from Roposo. Roposo gives a opportunity to all its users to earn money. Every user has the ability to earn money from Roposo.

Your earnings are reedemable in your Paytm Wallet. Your minimum reedemable amount is 5 rupees. 
That means when you reach 5 rupees mark, you can instantly reedem that amount to your Paytm Wallet. 

You don't need to do a very hard work to reach that amount. In one day you can earn as much as you want.

There are probably 3 best ways by which you can earn from Roposo. The ways are super easy. You just have to be consistent in your work.

The 3 best ways are : 
1) By Making Videos - Whenever you make a video on Roposo , you earn . Your earnings will rise gradually. 
As you videos will get featured you will earn more. You earn more when you get a gift from your viewers or followers give you a gift. 

2) By coming Live - Whenever you come live on this platform you start earning. Your earnings maximizes whenever your followers or viewers gives you a gift.
The process is similar to TikTok. But the difference is the criteria which is needed in TikTok. 

3) By Using It - Its very Crazy. Watching videos and Earning...Is not it interesting ? 
Whenever you spend your time engaging yourself in this app, you earn.
 They pay you for spending your precious time. They justify the fact that , 'Time is Money'. 

So, what are you waiting for. Go and download it from PlayStore and start your earning. Start your earnings from now.

If you have any Query regarding this then you may comment below. I will try to resolve your query.

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