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Topic : How to make money from Quora Space

10 Best ways to earn from Quora are described at the end..

Earning from Quora is not a complicated process. You can too earn from Quora.

At first, let's go on to the basics..

What Is Quora ? 
I hope everyone has heard this name before. Quora is a platform where you can get the answers of your questions. Here you can share your answers to the question asked. You can also ask your question in Quora and you will get your answer. This platform is increasing in popularity day by day. Every month it is getting millions of traffic. As everyone who is having questions goes to Quora and solve their queries. You can ask any type of question. The question may be of any math equation or a general knowledge question. You get your answers from educated personal. They see your question and they give you the answer. 

Note : I have described the 10 best possible way to earn from Quora at the last. You must read that. 

Who can come to Quora ?
Anybody who is having a question and wants to know answer can you come to Quora. You can also give answers to others question. If you are hurt in some field then you can come to Quora and help others getting their answer. Anybody from any age can come to Quora. Quora do not have any age restriction. Everybody can use Quora.

How do Quora earn ?
As quarter is giving the opportunity to everyone to ask a question, Quora is E earning through it. As Quora is a high platform and is also getting high traffic from Google so it means it is earn through advertisement. Brands come to Quora and advertise their products. You may see the advertisement of those brands below a question or answer. Many business personnels also use this platform to get their products sold like online courses, physical products, software products etc.
everyone who uses Quora for the banned advertisement have to pay Quora. And this is how Quora earns.

Can we earn from Quora ? 
This is the the question which comes to everyone's mind who uses Quora. Can we on from Quora ? My answer is, Yes. Everyone who uses Quora can earn from it. Quora has introduced two program for its users to start earning. The two ways are :
1) Quora Partner Program
2) Quora Space

Now let's go deep for the way to earn from Quora...

Quora Partner Program -  This is a program which has been introduced to enable its user to earn from Quora. Quora has given the opportunity to its user to earn money. This is the first program from Quora to its user for money making. Now the question is, What is Quora Partner Program ?  It is a program by which you ask questions and Your questions earn money from you. Whenever you ask a question,your question displays an ad. And that ad works for you. Whenever people see your quesy you get an impression on that Ad. Impression counts. The more impression or views your question gets the more you earn. You revenue will depend on the CPC rate of that ad.  CPC rate of ad varies. If you question is blogging related then the CPC rate of that ad is higher. And if your question is related to pet foods then the CPC rate of will be lower. 

You will also earn whenever your question viewers will click on the ad. Clicking on the ad will generate more revenue from impressions. Do you know that a question can earn upto $10 . And a question can also on less than $1. 
I have also seen some questions which have earned $62.  That question is also very complicated. Only experts can answer that question. So, by this we can say that only questions of higher authority earn more.

How to participate in Quora Partner Program ?
This is the only question which comes to Quora users. Every Quora users want to earn from Quora. It is the real fact that everybody on Quora is not eligible for this program. There are certain rules by which you can be eligible for this program. The basic rules are : 
1) You have to be an active user in Quora for more than 2 months.
2) You should answer others question along with asking your Question.
3) The question you ask should be unique.
4) You should not answer in a spammy way or ask spammy questions.

If you have done all the four things stated above then you will be eligible for participating in Quora partner program. I have been a part of Quora partner program. And according to me these are the four things which you must do to participate in this programe.

Whenever you have meet all the the eligibility criteria for participating in Quora partner program then they will directly invite you in your mail to participate in this program. You you can also apply for getting invitation in Quora partner program.  
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 Quora Space : This way of earning is recently introduced in Quora. I hope everyone who have used Quora ,know what Quora space is . You can describe Quora Space as the group of many Quora users of a single topic. All the users who are expertise in a particular field join the Quora Space of that topic. articles related to that topics are written,posted or shared on that space so that everyone who are in that space can achieve that particular knowledge. 
Anyone on Quora can make their own space and can invite others to join their space. The person who makes the space become the Admin. He can also appoint others to be the admin. You must know that, Only admins can earn money from Quora space.  Whenever you share a post, article, you will see that below your post there is a ad displayed. Whenever members of your space or any outsiders click on that add you will get your revenue.
This is how how you can earn from Quora space. Earning from Quora space is not a hard task. You just should have enough members in your space. 

Is there any Other ways to earn from Quora ?
Yes, there are also many ways to earn from Quora. Every individual who uses Quora can earn with the ways which I will be going to share with you. Here I will share with you the 10 best ways to earn from Quora. 

5  Best Ways to Earn from Quora 

1) By bringing traffic to your Blog. Quora is one of the best platform to get Traffic to your blog or website. They also provide high quality dofollow backlinks for your blog. Getting traffic to your blog is very easy. All you have to do is, give answers to questions related to your webpage. after giving that answer you can give the link of your webpage. The one who will see your answer will also click on link and go to your webpage to get the full knowledge of the query which he have. By this you can get enormous traffic to your blog or website.

2) By Affialiate Marketing -  You can also promote Affiliate Marketing in Quora. You will see questions on Quora like, What are the best laptops in India under 25000 rupees. Then you will give the answer with your Affiliate links. The one who will read your answer will obviously click on the link to know more. After clicking on the link he will land on your affiliate page and if we buy from your affiliate page then you will earn a commission.

3) Making your own Buissness Page - If you are having a online business then Quora is probably the best place for you. You can post for Buissness here and attract your audience to engage in it. You can also promote your business here. You can redirect your audience to your official buissness webpage.

4) By selling your ebooks - You can also sell your ebooks in Quora. Quora charges you very less amount for your one book sold. It is one of the best place to sell your ebook. 

5) Redirecting to YouTube - If you are having a youtube channel then you can easily direct them to your YouTube channel. You can also build your fan base through Quora Space. By this you can easily achieve those milestone needed for monitizing your YouTube channel.

These are all the best possible ways to earn money through Quora. If you have any query you may comment below. I will try to solve that.

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